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to the poster who started this thread, just what was the actual reason to even do that spinal tap on you? have you actually had an MRI done just to check for possible damage that could have taken place in a very highly delicate area? knowing the real reason for that tap would help.

sorry for what you had to go thru bren, that does sound like quite the nightmare. usually when someone starts leaking CSF post tap, what they use to 'patch' the leak is something called a 'blood patch"(this just assimilates really well to the dural tissue?). i cannot imagine just why anything that would cause you to lose feeling or that much pain would have been done on you at all, ya know? did this NS or anesthesiologist actually even know just what the heck they were doing? and yes, the biggest sign of a true CSF leak IS a very very severe headache. anyone who has a tap done should also be required to lie totally flat for a certain period of time so the leak wont happen in the first place, or at least lessen the likelyhood. have YOU ever had a follow up type of MRI on your area of tap just to make certain no real permanent types of damage was done there? in some cases, there just can be problems that pop in down the road depending upon just what the heck they did in there. you just should NOT have had all of the reactive symptoms you did while they were 'fixing' that leak, unless they simply went too far and hit the cord to begin with somehow? just something i would check on if this happened to me. marcia
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your reply. I think you may have just help solve a 2 year mystery. I joined this community to look for help with a burning brain sensation on my right side, headaches, numbness in my fingers and toes on the right side and memory loss. The spinal tap post caught my attention because of my experience, so I decided to reply.

The fix for my leaky fluid was a "blood patch," I had forgotten that name, it was supposed to immediately stop my headache. But, the pain I described above took place and the headache continued even after the procedure. I am remembering that I called the doctor after this procedure to talk about the back pain and continued headache and they said there was nothing more they could do. Like I mentioned the backached stopped after 3 weeks, but the headache went away about 2 weeks later.

So, now I'm 38 years old and suffering from odd problems on my right side, severe headaches and memory loss, but I can usually remember something if I receive some sort of reminder or trigger. I also have not been able to sleep in over a year. By that I mean I fall asleep very quickly, but can only stay sleep for an hour or two per day. I am exhausted and have been on medical leave for 5 months. I write technology contracts for a living, but today I can hardly put two thoughts together. I had a Neurosite a couple weeks ago and go back for results today. It never occurred to me to mention the spinal tap and side effects. But, I will now. You know, all this did start after the spinal tap and I have not had an MRI since the day before the spinal tap.

I had the MRI and spinal tap because I was having trouble with my vision. I had a couple of instances of seeing things on their side instead of normal, like I turned my head, only my head was not turned. This baffled me and my doctors, so we did an MRI and spinal tap, both of which had normal results.

Well, I've not had the vision problem since, but have all the new challenges.

I've had some form of headache problem all my life, but the sleeplessness and numbness and back pain is all new.

I don't know if this will be the smoking gun to solve this 2 year mystery, but I am sure praying it will.

Thanks Feelbad...and I am praying that you are feeling better!!!!:wave:

I'll ask for an MRI today as well

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