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have they ever also done an MRI on at least your c spine area too just to see if any of the symptoms you mentioned could also be stemming at least in part from some level of problem within that c spine? some of what you are actually describing sounds like whats called 'radiculopathic' types of symptoms that usually would indicate things like possible herniations or even boney overgrowths called osteophytes or bone spurring? those are just a couple of the possibles you can have wrong or going on in any given area of your spine that can and do casue pain and very odd symptoms. thats the radiculopathy part. its just ALWAYS possible to have spinal problems and brain issues too(or any number of other conditions as well). since some brain issues can mimic certain spinal problems and vice versa, its just always a good thing when you are displaying the types of real symptoms that you are, to simply test it and rule it in or out as a possible problem area too, ya know what i mean?

it really sounds like just from the summary of that rad report that they DID find 'something' that is approx 2mms in size but i don't know if they have really defined it from the way it is worded. the thing here is,balance rally has to do wioth two places the most, the cerebellum or cerebellar tract within the spinal cord,or the equalibrium within the ears? since the ear thing appears to not be a part of this,that would leave the the cerebellum or the spinal cerebellar tract too that simply runs thruout your cord that brings info back and forth from the body to and from the cerebellum within the brain. the cere also governs, besides balance, our proprioperception which is how we see our body parts in relation to space, and also vision too. any eye issues?

depending upon just what this schwannoma is or does or where it is exactly located within your brain would tell alot about whether or not this could even be responsible for what you have been feeling. i just really DO thuinkthat obtaining that spinal MRI would really really help to either rule somnething else in or out as a possible generator of your ongoing symptoms.

since this has actually been going on for soo long, there very well could be an actual congenital type of malformation that is in or a part of your spinal area like i had. i just did not know this little glob of blood vessels even existed at all inside my spinal cord til i had to have an MRI done on my c spine when i herniated a disc. it just showed up. i was actually born with this little glob called a cavernous hemangioma right inside of my cord, and like i mentioned already, just did not have a freaking clue it was there til it showed as an 'incidental finding' upon getting that very first ever MRI done that just happened to be the area of my hernation too or i probably would not have known til it bled again and i suddenly became paralyzed from that final bleed. that was just how big it had become from the size of the actual cavernoma itself and combined with bleeds it had actually had over the years which enlarges the amount of cordspace it takes up.

tho there are considered a rare occurance, they can occur as well as other little congenital anomalies or defects we just don;t know about til an area happens to get scanned. so just to really 'see' what could be going on within espescially that c spine, just given the fact that you are having symptoms with arms in the upper torso and the symptoms with the lower too, that c spine would be the most likely area to have something wrong since it would just have to be in that level in order to actually give you both arm and lower torso types of symptoms too, you get what i mean? this is only becasue once you get down to the very first T spine level, which also innervates the arms to a degree, that is where arm innervation just stops within the spinal levels. nothing beyond that T 1 vertebrae actually innervates anything above it, everything innervated below that particular level is like right below the breasts on down. but if there is actually some part of your actual spinal cord involved here in any way, THEN and only then could you have the lower and upper symptoms.

so this is the only reason i really do think thay also need to MRI your c spine too. this would simply see if anything at all is impacting that cord in some way. you just have alot of what sound more like possible spinal related types of symptoms and not so much directly related to the brain per se? have you yet spoken to at least a neuologist just to find out where this is actually located in your brain and whether or not it could even be responsible for the types of symptoms you have? if not, that really is who you need to see right now to get this better explained to you and se about getting that c spine looked at with another MRI. this is simply what i would do if i were in your current situation. you just need information and some answers too. trust me, when it comes to what is even possible to have found in any human body, ANYTHING is indeed possibe. been thru this with more than just that glob in my cord too. hopefully that finding up there is not really an impactful type of finding. but get all other possible areas that could create the symptoms at least ruled out with MRI hon. please keep me posted cindy, marcia

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