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I have been posting in the spinal disorders forum. My story is a long one so I will try to keep it brief. A couple months ago I woke up with a severe pain in the back of my head-I had a sudden bursts with white lights, layed down and woke with still a severe headache and even worst neck pain. My doctor ordered a CT scan all clear! whew.. then they thought the neck pain was causing the head pain so after another long story I got an MRI of my neck. Not satisfied with the level of care from my doctors I saw a NS today who read my CT scan and my Neck MRI. He said he saw arthritis, bulging discs and a problem with my lordosis but that the problems were minor at best. He told me that the problem in my neck was not cutting off my spinal cord. So we started discussing my other symptoms...pain in the back in the head worse when I lay on, severe pins and needles in my hands and my head, blurry vision, dizziness, balance: feeling as if the floor is coming out from underneath me. He says even though your CT scan is fine I feel as if we should be looking at your brain and not your neck lets put you on lyrica for the nerve pain and have an MRI of your head. He sends me off with a copy of the paperwork for the MRI and tell me they will call me when it is scheduled. I go home and read it and under the diagnosis panel he has Chiari I. SO I have no idea what that is...I go looking and it seems as if it is the brain pushing down and closing off the spinal cord-Wouldn't he have seen that on the C-Spine MRI???? Please help. I am so confused.

Oh yeah, something else that came up that was kind of strange I normally have excellent blood pressure last time taken was 4 days ago 122/80 and the time before that it was 117/78. It is always commented on-great blood pressure. Well today my BP was 159/98 WAY opposite side of the spectrum could this all be related?

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