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I have pain when bending over which feels like pressure, and sometimes has pounding in my ears, its only on one side, and closer to the back although sometimes more by my temple also. same thing with coughing although with persistant cough is much worse, and feel like i have to hold my head tight with coughing to prevent a vessel bursting or something, now i also have this ringing in my ears, and I often have the feeling that (with a change in position, getting up, or bending or anything pressure changing) the pressure in my head is increasing, it feels like with each pulse the pressure increases, and to the point where I hear it loudly in my ears.

aside from that I feel the noise in my ear that is ringing sometimes is also kind of a vibrating sound. (Wether related or not I also have headaches moderately regularly, and on occasion migraines with aura where I can hardly see in half my field of vision.) neck pain and upper back pain are also frequent with me (could be postural) I'm only 21... I feel like these things shudn't be happening till I'm 50. not overweight, 120/80 blood pressure but high pulse (100 + bpm)

HELP, am I going crazy? I don't know what symptoms matter and not anymore... sinuses also feel clear (I'd say) but the doctor has sent me for a sinus xray... so we'll see

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