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A year ago I was exposed to very loud music. Ever since then I get muscular aches (accompanied by stiffness in my jaw and neck) and occasionally a slightly sharp pain in either ear when I'm exposed to noise of any volume. (As you'd imagine, I can't simply stop exposing myself to all noises to allow my body to heal because of my responsibilities so I'm always in some form of discomfort.)

The aches originate in my ear but, on bad days, I have aches down as far as my chin to my cheek and my temple, on all around my neck and up the back of my head.

As for treatment, I've tried Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Inositol, and Vitamin B6 with no luck. (Lipoic Acid actually made half of my left hand and pinkie numb. I stopped taking it but it's not back to 100%.) Currently, I'm taking Vitamin B12 and Acetyl-L-Carnitine; have been taking the former for 4 months with no noticeable improvement and the latter for a few weeks, also with no noticeable effect.

I've gone to my GP, ENT, and a neurologist and all are baffled by my condition and, besides offering to prescribe "heavy-duty" medication, have nothing to help. My GP prescribed me Nortriptyline but it gave me severe diarrhea (as did Tylenol Acetominophen Extra Strength). My ENT and GP agree that nerve damage in my ear (both) is possibly the source of my condition.

Lately it's been getting noticeably worse. I've felt nauseous and felt like fainting due to the severity of my aches. I've found that Alka-Seltzer helps but it isn't a long-term solution; and since too much of it can cause liver problems and stomach ulcers, I'm going to save it for when I really need it (like when I have to be in public for more than 4 hours, which isn't often).

It's never gotten this bad before, probably because this college semester for me is very lecture-heavy. Next semester I plan to take all of my classes online to help this condition out. (I've speculated that noise exposure is keeping my nerves from healing by themselves, since I hear they were recently discovered to have regenerative properties.

Also, my extremities seem to go numb a whole lot easier than before. When I get into my car, start it, and start working the pedals, I notice my right leg is slightly numb. When I'm in bed and I put a book on my lap, the parts of my legs below my lap go numb. And when I lie on my shoulder in bed, my whole arm goes numb (it wasn't beneath me or anything).

Are there any other options I have to dealing with this problem?

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