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I was told a year ago that I have a 14 mm x 10mm x 8mm cyst on my Pineal Gland. I was also told that it could not be causing any of my symptoms.

My questions are: Could this cyst be causing the symptoms? Can anyone here take a look at my MRI and make any observations? Can anyone refer me to a good neurosurgeon or neurologist in the Rochester NY or Buffalo NY area?

Here are my symptoms:

Forgetfullness- I will forget where I am going while driving, or how long I have been driving for. I have missed my exit several times and get lost very easily now. I also will be talking to someone and completely go blank, not knowing what I just said or who I am talking to and just feeling completely lost for no apparent reason.

Headaches- I have constant headaches that are always seeming to originate from behind my right eye. I have constant pressure in both my eyes, but my right eye hurts more often then my left.

Memory Loss- I can't remember talking to people or day to day activities. I feel like I am losing memories from my childhood everyday as I can't recall them easily or that many of them.

Problems with words- I have trouble finding the right word at the right time- for example, If I try to say don't touch that it's hot- it will come out "don't touch that it's cold" It happens a lot with opposites. Also I might try to say go get your books from the car, and it will come out as " go get your books from the bicycle, or truck"

The weirdest thing about the mixing up of words is that I won't know I said something wrong. I will feel confident that I chose the right word. It's only by the puzzled, and soemtimes giggling that follows from other people that I realize I just made myself sound stupid.

Sometimes I completely blank on a word and can't even pick a substitute- for example- If I try to tell you " go look under the tree" I will say , " Go look under the.... you know.. the thing... that has leaves, and birds sit in it, it's really big...." until someone says "Tree?!" and I will feel completely stupid.

Numbers- These give me problems to- I will try to write the number 5 and end up writing " f 's " it will take me serveral times to finally write a 5. Just typing this I originally typed a F for 5. I had to correct myself a few times.

Please someone help me. I feel like I am losing my life! I am becoming less and less active because of the fear of looking and sounding like an idiot while I am out with friends.

here is a link to my MRI picture

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