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Definately sounds like post concussion syndrome and alsocalled tbi (traumatic brain injury). I fell, almost 1 year ago and have been suffering with very similar symptoms and have been searching everywhere for help. (tripped on a heaved sidewalk and slammed the right side of my face around my eye - temporal lobe into the concrete). I've been diagnosed with both. Finally found a physiatrist (dr. that treats the whole body) that specializes in brain injury - your larger hospitals might have dr.s like this - I'm at U of Penn in Philadelphia. Both speech (for cognitive issues) and Physical therapys were prescribed along with complete rest. All of the above were beneficial however the headache/vision piece still is an issue. Now that I'm back to work(I took 12 weeks off) it's getting worse new physiatrist (old one moved to New Zealand...lucky her) noticed that my eyes don't track properly...sent me to see a neuro-opthalmoligist. I just had my appt. with one yesterday and was told I have "convergence insufficiency" which means the eyes don't regulate properly... therefore the reading/driving/comprehension/headache issues. DUH! Have done some research on syntonic photo therapy and also the use of prisms in eyeglasses. I know there are behavioral optomotrists that can do convergence therapy to correct these issues. The neuro guy was not helpful with alternative methods (I've found that most medical dr.s, if they cant' cut it out want to medicate everything. Being extremely hypersensitive to most drugs, Im open for any alternative therapies that will help) I also believe that they do not understand the desperation we all have wanting to just be whole again. The side effects of the drugs somethimes are worse that the issues so it's important to find someone that you trust (that has your back as my husband says)to be your advocate because the dr.s are not. Also, EMT has been beneficial for me...a bit different but what the hey...if it helps right?

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