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I am a 19 year old female and I got hit playing hockey this summer. Wasnt a huge hit, just got taken down cutting to the net, and hit the back of my head right below where the helmet ends.
I don't think I got knocked out but it all kinda seems fuzzy. I instantly got an intense exploding feeling in my head. After the game, I became extremely dizzy, wasn't able to drive my car home and soon after felt very sick to my stomach. I went to work for the next couple days however by the end of the 3rd day I decided to go see a doctor.. the doctor rubbed it off as a minnor concussion and told me I would be good to play hockey the following week so I did. After that everything went downhil very quickly and about 2 weeks afte the initial incident, I found myself back at the doctor complaining about an unimaginable exploding headache and extreme dizziness. At this point I was getting a very shocking pain at the base of my skull that would go up and down the top part of my spine. Ct scan came back clear so doctors were not worried.
It has been over 4 months now and I am overwhelmed with intense symptoms that are just getting progressively worse. I am in 2nd year unviersity right now so I am spending the majority of my time studying. However, I have a constant headache.. although unlike a regular headache it just seems as though my brain is sloshing around my skull.. and I get a really werid feeling almost as though I am drunk all the time. Most of my pain in concentrated right below the skull at the back of my head. I am having more and more trouble walking on a daily basis and find myself tripping up and down stairs multiple times a day. I feel extremely uncordinated doing simple tasks mostly those that involve leg movements. Trying to move my legs or arms to avoid hitting things is becoming very difficult. Being extremely athletic all my life, this is a drastic change. I feel unsafe driving my car because of this werid intoxicating feeling in my head. This feeling is really difficult to explain but I know that it should not feel like this. Some days I will get so dizzy to the point where I feel very nauseous.
Walking up stairs at school, I will get to the top and if I were to close my eyes I would completely fall over. Just feels like EXTREME light headedness.
I am also having trouble with my sight, having troubles focusing on moving objects or when I look up from looking down, it takes me significantly longer to figure out what I am looking at. As well, after activity, I get this really werid symtom of not being able to tell 2d and 3d. ex. I was looking at my ipod after the gym the other day and I could not distinguish between the floor and the surface of my ipod.
I have heard about post concussion syndrome and I have many of the symptoms such a difficulty focusing, and depression but the major symptoms I am feeling a far my debilitating than these. Werid feeling in the back of my head is there constantly; hasn't been gone for one hour in the last 4 months.
It just seems that no doctor will listen to me. I am 19 years old and otherwise completely healthy.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you so much for any help, I am desperate and getting very worried.

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