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Hi everyone.
My son who is 29 years has been suffering from pressure behind the left eye which spreads to the left side of the face when ever he tries to read. It started about 5 years back when he was prescribed new eye glasses. At the beginning he started having headaches and eye strain when he tried to read with the new glasses. So he went to the doctor and the doctor told him that he should adjust to the glasses and it would get alright.

So my son tried to adjust to the glasses and continue reading. It was then that the problem started. He complained that he felt the left eyeball being pushed forward from behind the eye and that there was pressure and tightness and if he continued to read the pressure and tightness behind the eye increased.

Over the years the problem has remained and every year seems to get worse. Now the pressure and tightness is always there and spreads to left side of the head and face. It becomes unbearable if he tries to read. We have shown to ophthalmologists neurologists and ENT specialists. The eye tests, sinus scan and MRI they say are normal. My son is at a point now where he is unable to read or continue his studies because of the problem.

Has anyone experienced or encountered a similar problem/ situation? I have also researched the internet but have not been able to find a case where the pressure and tightness occures or increases due to reading. Hope I will be able to get some ideas or information from this forum.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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