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Closure needed
Nov 19, 2009
hello all thanks for listening and providing advice to me and everyone elses concerns. if u make it to the end of this book then damn props to u. please forgive my lack of ability to spell some of the terms in this post. my medical knowledge is pretty expansive but when it comes to spelling them i suck.

anyways my name is Daniel. im 22 yrs old. im an ex smoker. i smoked for 9 yrs and the last time i smoked a cig was nov 20th 2008 so tomorrow will be 1 yr!!! i have been around cigs since the day i was born and still am to this day. (NO RESPECT haha) i used to smoke weed too but as well i have quit that in june of 06. i was hit by a car when i was 13 yrs old and had 5 fractures in my hip 3 fractures in my pelvis a skull fracture, contusion of the frontal brain lobes and a concusion as my injuries. ive been diagnosed with asthma, tho i have NEVER had an asthma attack, anxiety, and depression. im a lil over weight and not really active. i have a desk job and then go home to play WoW to relax from work. i use food as an aphrodeziac to make me sleep at night. that and my cesation of smoking is where about 95% of the weight gain i got came from. i was born with an inverted chest plate with the left side being out more then the right so if your looking at me from above me str8 down it looks like this -_ with the - being the left chest plate and the _ being the right chest plate

im going to start off with family medical history.

fathers side.

grandfather had diabetes and has lost limbs from gang green. he died later from colon cancer. my grandmother had a quadruple bypass i believe it was and a heart valve transplant (please correct me if im wrong just going by what im told from my father since it happened when i was too young to even comprehend my existence) she later died from congestive heart failure. her brother my great uncle died from mylo dysplastic syndrome which im told is a cousin to lukemia. my grandfathers brother my other great uncle really didnt have any health problems that i know of except he was hit by a truck and broke his hips in his youth. all of these members of the family passed after the 75 yr age. my father is hypoglycemic. my brother had a craniopharyngioma which is pituitary tumor which was successfully removed and has a complete new outlook on life and has completely changed for the better. the docs gave him less then a month to live if they didnt or couldnt remove it.

mothers side.
not much is known except my grandmother just passed...yesterday actually from i believe pulmonary fibrosis. when they removed the ventilator from her throat to go for a chest xray the lungs seized up and became like cardboard. i dont understand that but she had pneumonia in both lungs mixed with COPD and emphyzema. she also had heart valve transplants and a pacemaker put in. again im goin on what i was told. grandfather is still alive with no known medical problems that i know of. all her side of the family are giants... and a little over weight and what i mean by giants is tall.

now my symptoms and things of concern to me... the biggest 1 is when i stand up from a sitting position my chest in the center like around the esophagus area directly below the collar bone gets tight and my heart will start to race not really race but i guess slow down but beat hard when it does and then travels up into my head and my head gets tight like something is pulling behind my eyes and my eyes start to cross and i get out of breath and get blurry and then when i start to walk my legs start to feel weak and i get this cuhhhhhhhh sound in my whole head area along with the pressure and all that happens when i stand up and all lasts for about 20-30 secs... and i dont stand up fast either. so thats that but the other symptoms i get is behind the right collar bone just like a pain not a burning but dull pain. down my chest more on the right pretty much between the nipple and center of the chest but a little higher then the level of the nipple i get a sharp stabbing pain. my left arm at times feels like its non exsistent like dead... or heavy even.. the best way to describe is non existent. my eyes twitch at times. i get this real bad pain in the back of my neck on the right side below the base of the skull again a dull pain. i get blurry vision at times and my right eye will water from nothing... at times when i blink i see what can only be described as micro-organisms being viewed thru a microscope and i dont mean seeing stars. i get really bad headaches daily on the right back of my head and the front of my head above my eyes. the headache on the back right sometimes travels to my left eye area. my right ear has this sound in it like cuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh constantly 24/7 and when i go to touch my face or ear the inside starts twitching and spazzing and loud noises causes it to do it as well. i used to get these pains daily that have subsided now in my left arm chest neck jaw and that cord like thing on the left side of the trach (or where u would get a trach put in i should say) that runs up your neck idk what those cords are called. my fingers get tingley and for some odd reason.... the bends of my toes on my left foot does too. when i wake up it hurts to walk it hurts in my heels mostly the left one. and i get this like swelling pain in my chest on the left side not in the front but off to the side a little bit. im constantly tired and wanting to sleep and i usually do fall asleep but when it comes to doing it at night....forget it. i tend to just zone out at times and i lose concentration on the task im doing. when im typing things ill think of the right way to type it but when it comes out its not what i wanted to type... like "lets go over there" but i type it as "lets go over their" so im like pretty much typing the alternate word when i know what i want to that like dyslexia? i get winded easy and it feels like i still smoke and since ive quit ive never coughed up anything out of my chest. on my back that upper back bone that lumps out a little where the neck and back meet i get a pain that feels like a rod going into it on the right side. when i lay down my heart starts to race... at times my heart rate will get elevated when im just sitting there. and i have like a constant drip like mucus in the back of my throat. id also get sleep apnea which went away when i stopped smoking cigs. itchy bloodshot eyes, this killer headache in either of my eye sockets at the top and behind my eyes and if i put pressure on the upper part of the eye socket and somewhat behind the socket the pain goes away untill i let go and then its like OMG. natural and artificial lighting hurts my eyes at times but goes away after a quite a few seconds have passed. im sometimes feel nauseated. and almost always hungry like i got a worm or something idk but i can constantly eat and get full but am hungry again like 2 hrs later. i used to get this like jolting tingling kind of pain thatd travel up the left side of my neck and jaw and arm. and well finally hot flashes.... im a male and 22 yrs old i shouldnt be having hot flashes!!! almost everysingle one of these pains from my neck on down to my feet all travel upward except for the pain in my arm which travels down to my fingers.

with the pains in the back of my neck and the headaches on the back right of my skull my doctor told me its the muscle in my neck that runs up over the back of the skull and he even asked me about the muscle in my neck if it feels bumpy i said yes and he sd yup its the muscle in the neck causing it may be those "trigger points" thats causing half the trouble that i read about on a diff post.
tests ive gotten have been 2 full spectrum blood tests the 1st said my sugar was a little low nothing to worry about but still below the normal line. the 2nd and more recent 1 like within the last 3 months recent showed i have slightly elevated cholesterol levels i dont remember which 1 he showed me but there was i believe if i remember correctly 2 diff categories of cholesterol and also slightly elevated sodium levels. both he sd were nothing to worry about and wanted me to try to get the cholesterol down. every time i get a blood pressure test its high with my highest being 192 over 80. ive had 3 EKG's most recent one was when i had that most recent blood test, a sinus x-ray, i had a scan done of my head for the headaches but that was like yrs ago when the headaches started and havent had 1 since. ive been told i have anxiety one visit then another visit its depression then the other doc tells me depression then the next doc is anxiety. i even went to the hospital and been told the same thing and the headaches were migraines caused by the high blood pressure. one visit to the hospital they looked behind my eyes and she even got a 2nd person to come look and the conclusion is my blood vessels in my eyes are deformed from the high blood pressure and that the optical nerve i believe it was was normal meaning theres no pressure in my head from a growth. about 95% of my day consists of me sitting down... why am i getting these symptoms. i get told constantly "oh that problem is rare for someone your age" ive thought that these symptoms could be caused by a heart problem, blood clot, anurysm, clogged arteries, TMJ (which i just found out exsisted about a week ago), achilles heel but only for the heel pain but im told "thats a little high up on the heel for someone with achilles heel" which the pain is pretty much where the tendon and heel meet, pulminary embolism (i believe thats it the one that is a deep vein blood clot in the lungs caused from a break in the hips?), brain tumor, or something else and again im told that its rare for someone my age or thats not it. but how can they tell if i usually get NO tests done when i go and i get sent home with no meds for anyone of the symptoms blood pressure included. i was given before some wellbutrin xl which i never touched cuz i got this fear of meds i have never took since i started getting these symptoms in from what i feel being a round about time of the end of 05 beginning of 06 i started getting the symptoms real bad when id smoke weed and then it just esculated from there which is the reason i quit weed. and then eventually cigs hoping and praying these symptoms and pains would pass and they didnt if anything they have gotten worst over time.

sorry for the long ass msg and thanks for your time and hopefully future repsonses

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