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Re: Closure needed
Nov 20, 2009
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the symptoms in *** *** i have either experienced before or have it now.

its wierd how u have just sooo many symptoms and u cant remember them all then when u see something it jogs your memory.

the headaches that begin on the back right side of the head would shoot to my left eye and my left eye would do this like upward jerking motion which explains the involuntary eye movement and when id cough id get such a bad pain in my head behind the eyes like someone ripped my skull off. reall dehabilatating pain like drop me to my knees and itd stay there untill the tylenol kicked in. the feeling of vertigo happens when im sitting down like the inside of my head is just rotating and sometimes i feel my eyes going in the direction with the feeling. i used to be able to swallow pills like crazy (sounds bad i know) but the size wouldnt matter and the amount wouldnt either. now i can barely swallow a 200mg ibuprofen without almost choking. and the muscle weekness could explain the feeling of my left arm having the feeling of being dead or heavy or non exsistent.

well im maybe going to review my last post and maybe redo it clean it up alot and then go to my PCP and request a referal to a neuro.

thats another thing too, i got a referal to go to 7 2hour long sessions about 2 - 3 yrs ago with a psychiatrist and we all see now how well that worked and was worth excellus spending money on.

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