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My mother has been diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri. Currently, she has a prescription to bring down the pressure from excess CSF, and it's helping a small amount. They started her on this medicine in July (2009) and it hasn't helped as much as they thought it would.

So to combat the pressure she has to go get a spinal tap every two weeks.

She was told her success rate (success being that she doesn't die) is around 50%. I assume it would be a tube shunt perhaps a shunt but not a VP shunt because there isn't blockage in her ventricles.

Can anyone give me data, reports, studies that give success rates? She is 50 years old this year, and stronger then an ox. She's slightly overweight, but not obese. She's very active but this has been hard on her.

But 50% chance doesn't sound likely to me, considering 98% of all VP shunting is successful with a small rate of follow up procedures.

Thanks in advanced!

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