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Charlessnay, this is whiplash and you need to go to the doctor. I also got whiplash from a car accident and some can be pretty severe. My symptoms were horribly stiff painfull neck, headaches, numbness and tingling in one arm and fingers, trouble remembering things, dizzy spells, balance problems, feeling out of it all the time etc. It is VERY common for symptoms to come on later after an accident. The severity of your symptoms suggests what I had which is muscle strain, the accident stretches your neck and back muscles beyond their normal range of motion, once this is done, they then tighten back up into a hard knot, these knots then put pressure on the blood vessels going to your head affecting the oxygen supply, causing the symptoms there, and to your upper back and arms. Unless these symptoms are minimal, they do not go away with just rest. I was referred to physical therapy and it took almost a year for me to get better, but mine was extremely severe. I did sue, I was on my way to work and then unable to even move, all from whiplash, for a year, but it was worth it for me, it did take 2 years to settle, but I went through a ton of pain and ended up with thousands in medical bills. Please go to a neurologist, ortho., etc., and get this checked out, if it is all in the muscles, you will need physical therapy. I hope you find the help you need.

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