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I did find an area here where people were talking about their MRI's and the findings of white spots on their brains. I recently had an MRI and 10 spots were found on my brain, the largest being 5mm. I am guessing this is not a significant size or is it? and they have also been found on the right side, from what i understand the middle? I was told by my doctor she needed to speak to a neurologist for a better understanding. MS does run in my family,but so does diabeties, and not to mention I suffer from migraines and have dones since the age of 10 years old. My question is probably obvious, what to make of this well as scared I am also confused as it seems many have these, and could it be that most people do as not all of us get annual mri's on the brain??? Should i be worried. I do not get numbing and tingling, however i suffer extreme pain in my wrists, neck, shoulders, and lower back. My legs are uncomfortable from fatigue of pain through out my body, and from time to time I suffer from pain in my legs and feet. none of which comes as tingling or numbness, just numbness. I also get depressed alot and become frustrated and anxious when there isnt any really explainable reasons for it. Does anyone now if this is the white spots, even my doctor cannot explain this....I was on anti depressents last year which i went off due to lack of motivation, and weight gain...I am very active normally, and love life however feel like my body is kicking me in the behind these days. ideas and suggestions would be awesome! As I feel i have to much life to live and would like to see some postive hope for the new year???
Thanks a head of time, and look forward to any help that is out there!!! Lisa
My wife suffers from the effects of has been since 1995 that she was infected by this virus and has been going downhill ever since. She also because of that suffers from vertigo and migraines. The white spots on her brain are scars from the migraines. Our neurologist advised us of this when looking over one of her scans. The neurologists wasn't overly concerned and has my wife on Zomig to control them. My wife also gets sharp pains, numbness that radiate in different parts of her body and that was attributed to Fibromyalgia. She takes Neurontin for the nerve pain which helps in the situations.

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