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I had a concussion at your age...the doctors acted very strangely, too. In my case, I actually collapsed every few weeks or pain, no blackout. I never had a "drunk feeling. My symptoms finally went away on their own...but it took a long time! In fact several years. None of the doctors believed me. My parents were the only "observers". I would lie helpless on the floor for about a minute. I could speak, see, hear...just not move. The last time I collapsed was when I was pregnant (10 years after the concussion). Since then, no more symptoms... nothing! I'm fine. I'm much older now than you are, but I climb ladders, carry bricks, do cement work, paint....everything except run (I feel the pounding in my head). I also became very health conscious after the concussion (I ate right, no alcohol, etc.) So, take it easy, watch what you eat/drink, don't exercise too soon after a concussion!!! They did tell me that if I hadn't rested in bed for several days, I would have been really bad off! Nature/Rest and time are sometimes the best healers... But continue to look for a GOOD, intelligent, doctor. One more thing...if you know which part of your "head/brain" was traumatized, you will better understand the symptoms. Good Luck! Be Patient!

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