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Not quite sure which section to post this but either way I am at wits end. I am an 18 year old male. The weekend after thanksgiving I began feeling very strange and my symptoms have not changed since then. I am physically fit, a fairly high calibur athlete, and I'm also very academically focused. My studies really are my life and I love learning in every way. The weekend after thanksgiving I began what I can describe as brain fog, I felt like "little people were in my head" and reading my AP textbooks and writing seven page papers, once a simple affair, has become extremely difficult. I have had drying of the scalp and hair loss, not balding (not patchy), but if I rub through my hair I will lose a decent amount of hair... I have always had a think healthy scalp. I have also been extremely, extremely tired. I find it hard to make it through classes and I need a three to four hour nap once I get home from school. My eyes have also felt weird and like there is some sort of pressure almost, but I had them checked out and no pressure and no vision problems. My memory has also been horrible. I used to pride myself on remembering absurd statistics, now I have trouble remembering simple things. When I attempt to recall them, I know I know it, I just can't access it? I've also felt slightly more antagonistic than usual and I really have no care to do anything because of how laborious each thing feels. I am not depressed!!!!! Trust me, when this all happened I was extremely happy. I was however under a period of immense stress. I was running on five hours of sleep a night for four months, I am taking a full AP course-load, and I was captaining a high quality high school soccer team, which involved practice everyday and games. This has been truly devastating for me, my GP doesn't seem to have a clue of what's going on. Initially I tested positive for strep at my first visit so he put me on antibiotics and sent me on my way. After having another test to clear that strep was gone I still felt horrible. I have been tested for nearly everything (blood) lyme disease, red blood numbers, white blood numbers, deficiencies, thyroid (the different tests too not a simple THC)... the list goes on and on and everything is normal (except with a slightly low RBC the third test of three). I really in my gut feel like it's my thyroid, the symptoms just seem to close to what I'm feeling and I was under ridiculous stress which could have reversed the normal pattern I've heard. I was wondering if my "normal" levels may not be normal for me, maybe I was a very very minimal bit hyper (my ability to stay up late and never really run out of energy) and the stress catapulted me into hypothyroidism. Regardless is anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated as to what it could be or how I should proceed if it seems like thyroid.

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