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wow, that alot of symptoms you have goin on there. just wondering how far down the actual c spine they go when they are checking for the chiari? i do know what it is, so i know they would be looking more at the very base of the brain and into at least the very top of that c spine? have they ever done a full c spine MRI just to rule out possible there? believe me you can have certain typees of c spine issues that can create alot of head pain among other things depending upon level of the issues and what they are impacting too? do you have a copy of that MRI report at all? my best advice when it comes to just being IN that diagnostic mode is to make darn certain to ALWAYS obtain any copies of any testing done on you at all, ever. it does help for YOU to actually read thru your own testing results since alot of different things would even dictate what a person even gets 'told' that was a true finding intheir own reports? you just need to keep your own copies and place everything into like some type off folder thing that you just can also take with you to any doc appts or even an ER if that should ever be needed along the way? trust me it helps tons to just keep this stuff. becasue of all my insane crap i have been Dxed with i have had at this point, like 18 MRIs, like five CTs a ton of angios and a few other assorted scans along the way and i have copies of every single test result. they do come in VERY handy at times.

what you are describing here as symptoms quite honestly could be either a vascular type issue or some level of cranial nerve impact somewhere along the way too? our cranials can create some very crazy symptoms when impacted in some direct ways too? the one cranial that tends to kind of actually innervate ALOT of the areas you described actually would be the vagus nerve pretty much? this just is one of the longest of the cranial nerves we have and its called the 'wandering nerve' for good reason too. this nerve starts in the brain then runs down thru the neck area and actually also innervates alot of the abdominal areas too? just something i would really research right now if i were you? just look up vagus nerve images and you can see exactly what just is innervated by this one nerve alone. i think you will be kind of suprised at how your symptoms and areas are compared to just where and how this particular nerve actually runs? this is just a possible along with what you already are thinking with the vascular angle too? the key here is to track back symptoms to what would be considered the more 'base' of operations so to speak? there just are certain things that can easily impact nerves and vessels depending upon even YOUR own actual individual anatomy too? not everyones anatomy is textbook actually. there can be in some cases alot of differences thru the spine, brain and just about any part of our own bodies when we were being formed? just little or bigger anomalies that wpould not really be noticed unless they are impacting something or just show up on any real good scan. it would be noted as one of those fun "incidental findings"?

that is how my what is called cavernous hemangioma was discovered just sitting inside my spinal cord when i herniated a c spine disc and had to have my first ever MRI back in 2001? little sucker was just sitting there since before i was even born and just did not have a clue til the incidental finding it showed as upon my routine MRI. ya just never truely know what actually is in your own body til you can get that good look inside it, ya know?

but DO look up that vagus and also read how it runs too. but the image really will just show you how that really winding nerve just runs in our bodies. if you have any questions that i can actually answer, i will try if you need me to. marcia

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