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thanks marcia, my story is far too long to write now but a quick run through ...ive suffered chronic headaches for few years,last 16 months more symptoms ,stomach problem,chest pains,back pains,now pain around my kidneys and back of knees,ive had various tests with nothing showing to cause the intense pain im in,my head the last few months is worse than ever,im dizzy whenever i move, pain in speccific place everytime i move,sudden frightening pains,very intense.neck pain and back of head/top of neck has very painful pressure,my left eye also is very bad pain. i feel my problems are related and think i have some sort of blood flow./vessel problem. im waiting on other tests at the moment for other stuff but i need to get my head sorted,it feels like somethings going to burst,im worried about anerysms also. my mri was to check for chiari so i didnt have contrast,but i also wasnt getting these pains as bad! im in uk so dont pay for doctors etc but my head cant wait as far as im concerned and ive decided to go private but need to make the decision on if to ask my doc to send me for mri/mrv or to see a neuroligist first..whic will obviously cost me more money! i just need to make the right decision!

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