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Hi I was also rear ended.I could feel the pain in my neck immediatly.What position was your head in? I was really nasea for 3-4 days.I had lots of pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades.My neck was stiff and hard as a rock for 3 days. The swelling lasted nearly 4 weeks.I can move my head to the left but not at all to the right.It's stuck it does not move.I am doing chiro physio and massage. I have been off work for 6 weeks now.I cannot drive because i can't move my neck to shoulder check.I did have for 3.5 weeks.My vision was weird, i would turn to look at something and it was like slow motion.It was like your eyes were moving faster then my brain.There's a name for it.Balance sometimes felt like i was going to fall over and dizzy.I still have grey and white spots in my vision.I have to blink alot for it to go away. Sometimes im laying in bed and it seems like my leg(s) moves on it's own.Like a quick jump slightly and then nothing.I get severe headaches on my left side of my temple.It only comes occasionally.A sharp shooting pain for 10-30 seconds.It disappears as fast as it came.I get headaches behind my eyes,forhead,up the back of my head.I wasn't sure what was worse my headaches or my neck.It's definitly the headaches that are worse.I think it's called impatego for the vision problems.Have you had this symtoms right from the beginning or just lately? Yes you can definitly get a concousion without hitting your head.

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