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I was reareneded a month ago. severe whiplash, a week later started to vomit and get even more severe headaches loss of balance at times, and alot of other symptoms. I did not call my dr, and went for my recheck appt 3 weeks later and told him about vomiting and headahces. He wanted to run MRI and other tests.

I saw neuro 3 weeks ago who said occipital neuralgia and wants to do nerve block and trigger point injections I goto PT 3x a week.

I vomit one to 3 times a day, think about 4 days in past month I havce not thrown up but still felt severely ill, had bloodwork done which is fine.
I threw up three times 2 days ago, then yesterday went to ER from a severe headache.
Had horrendous headache overnight, don't ever sleep much now, and woke with severe headache so I went to ER they did MRI and 2 other tests IDK what ones.

Discharged with pain med and ER dr said seems like post concussion syndrome. I do not recall hitting my head, but read if the imact is bad enough just the jolt can cause your brain to move in your headand get concussion.

Has anyoen had concussion without a hit on the head? After the accident the left temple area of my head hurt alot and was sensitive but no bruise or bump.

Thanks for any info, help or replies.
Hi thank so mjuch for writing back. I did have my seat belt on and waas stopped and rearended at about 40mph.

I had a mri on my c spine that showed a bulge at 5-6.

Then they did mra mri w contrast on brain but IDK the report, the ER gave me a slip that says it was read in emeergency setting that a radiologist will read it in the morning but no ememrgency based problems are there.

The er dr said its post concussion syndrome and I was discharged with pain meds for my bad headaches if it comes back. I had a HORRID headache that day wass beyond aweful.

So I will try and get the reports when they come in on my brain. Ugk. After 2 back surgeries I was hoping I was done with all this medical crap. I didnt vomit yesterday which was nice for sure. I had laid around in bed all day and just rested.

Ok I am off. I will see if I can get ther reports. Thank you!

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