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[QUOTE=scout316;4225230]not sure how many times a day for the nasal spray,but I think it will tell you on the's just water with salt in it I'm almost positive.

okay so when the head pressure started was it after you moved to a new residence?think back and try to think of any changes that occurred at the time your head pressure started,okay?this is important...did you say you felt better when you were outside also?exercising helped you I correct on that?[/QUOTE]

Dear scout,

No, I haven't moved to a new residence. Even though I have admitted it before, it's with some shame to admit I first got the pressure when I was using addictive drugs. It started very mildly one night, so I just shrugged it off as something that would go away, and continued with my drug of choice. You kinda throw caution to the wind in such a poor mental state as I was in. But first off, it did not go away, and secondly, continued abuse made the head pressure a heck of a lot worse.

If you want to look at the sinus angle here, well this is the kind of drug that has side effects on the sinuses. Stimulants such as I used affect sinus pathways much the same way as Sudafed, except with much greater potency. I also got very ill during that period with several terrible colds and a flu-like syndrome at one point, so there were some very clear adverse effects going on with the paranasal network.

I've also had terrible IBS-like symptoms just as long as I've had the head pressure. The IBS and the pressure may have started around the same time. Other than that, new symptoms such as constant left-ear tinnitus, reduced skin sensation, odd gait, constant dry eyes, difficulty moving eye muscles, and so forth (there is more)... these have accumulated [B]gradually [/B]through the years.

I still believe that whatever is the cause of the pressure, is probably the cause of most (but probably not all) of my symptoms. Whenever my pressure is at its worst, the other symptoms become worse, too.

Just being outside does nothing for the pressure. However rigorous exercise (sports, running) can make it seem like it's gone for an hour or two afterwards--but once that "grace period" is over, damn that pressure comes back SO much worse than it was before exercise, it's practically pulsating in my head. It seems that light exercise is the most helpful--while I don't have the grace period like I do with strenuous exercise, the pressure doesn't get worse, either. I seem to get mild relief for several hours from light exercise.

Another thing that helps: For some reason, the process of eating, and an hour after eating, the pressure isn't as bad.

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