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Dear scout,

I've heard about caffeine helping some people with head pressure before, elsewhere on the Net. There was a group of people who suspected CSF leaks (or had that diagnosed) who had constant head pressure. But two things made them different from me: their pressure was greatly relieved lying down, and caffeine helped most if not all of them.

In my case, caffeine makes mine a little worse. Lying down is where it feels the worst, too. Excedrin I think contains an NSAID besides caffeine, and I had a major reaction to Advil before, so I can't use that product out of caution.

That bit of information, that it's tough to tell PTC and MS apart, that's scary. I've asked my psychiatrist about MS before, because I had months long anxiety problems from someone online suggesting I had it. He said you should look for sudden loss of muscle control. Thankfully, I haven't had that so far as I know.

Whatever happened to the sinus theory? I have been hoping this pressure is from my sinuses, rather than from some real pathology like the other conditions.

I apologize if I sound a bit snappy lately. This whole thing is really getting the better of me. I can barely sleep at night anymore because of the damn discomfort it causes, and the brain fog is absolutely horrible. I can't even begin to read a book anymore, quite literally.

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