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hi Bill

got your message...I had a very rough couple of days....sinus headaches,feeling like I'm sweating then freezing....

the thing with the glossitus(sore tongue) is that it comes & goes...sometimes it's so sore & burns for days then it lets up and feels's a mystery to me why it does that????

I appreciate your help on everything...I feel so frustrated & down...just want to be well....

I seen the post with the guy who has the head pressure like you...why can't the drs. figure out what is causing it?I think that guy hould press for a brain/c-spine MRI if he has insurance...I'd like to know if he has atrophy(which can be from low B12)...I had that ,but it was fixed with the B12 shots...can't recall if I had head pressure then.

When I get the head pressure I feel like I cannot function properly...well you know the feeling....

I am waiting to hear how my EEG results came dr. was off last week and the nurse said they'll call me after the dr. looks at the results....oh I hate waiting,but at the same time I'm afraid of hearing some bad news....goingcrazy8 said that if it was bad they'd probably tell me right away,but the nurse said they just got the resuts in that day when I called and the dr. was off so she wouldn't se them 'til monday(yesterday) I'm just waiting....

I'm interested in what you've found cocerning B12...just send me a mesage or post on here....and hey did you ever have an EEG(brain waves test)...when I was 19yrs. old I fell off a swing and hit my head really forcefully on some very huge tree roots.It made my brain waves go too fast...I had constant pressure/tinnitus and would feel like I was inside a fast falling was awful...the whites of my eyes were totally blue and I felt the dr. pur me on Dilantin & Valium to correct the fast brain worked & 3 months later my brain waves were normal,but the tinnitus never let up completely and the dr. said I'd probably always have tinnitus from that injury.

Well I'm thinking the head pressure has something to do with the brain,because when I get it I feel really "funny" in my you have a headache with the head pressure consistently or sometimes,but not related to the head pressure?I get headaches,but they are not with the head pressure.

....and at the beginning of the day and the ending of the day nothing has's all still the has to get better,but we can be thankful when it doesn't get least we have that


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