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thanks again for your response.

it's true when the threads get long here, they often get closed down. i'll start a new thread pretty soon.

so from previous correspondence, i take it you have been a nurse before? i think you mentioned this once. anyhow, your relatively vast knowledge of health-related topics must come from somewhere.

i've used raisin bran and other bran cereals before, but most of them have too much sugar. too much sugar can cause fatigue for me. but the thing that helps the most these days for my chronic constipation is ground flaxseed. even breakfast cereals that contain flaxseed help, although the best is really the flax you buy separately and can add to food/drink/whatever.

i gave that saline spray a shot the other night. however, unlike Afrin (medicated spray) there was no drainage or clearance. I did notice a couple semi-unusual things, though. there was some popping/crackling in my right ear and later on it seemed like the head pressure had moved to that area above the nose, between the eyebrows. but that was all i noticed, i don't know if that means anything, or not. the pressure was still killing me when i was lying down to sleep, just like usual.

i'll continue using the saline spray for a week. i guess the idea is that moisturizing blocked up sinuses is a gradual process, eh?

Bill Z

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