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...yeah a specialist would cost more I agree.

yesterday I spent hours researching consistent head pressure....I found a few things that possibly might help you....

there was this 44 yr. old man who was in the army...his head pressure started not long after he went overseas.He had an eye exam,CT scans,allergy testing,head x-rays and they couldn't find out what his problem was.Even after he was through in the army and went home the drs. couldn't figure out what was causing it.

He said that he had a heavy/tight feeling from his eye brows,temples to the back of his head.He would wake up with it everyday and it only let up when he was outside exercising.He was sensitive to bright light,had tinnitus,was lightheaded also.

One dr. said it might be a "left-over" inner ear viral infection or a mild,chronic tension headache or a eustachian tube problem(ears).He had about 6 posts I think on there,

but he never posted back to let anyone know if he finally was dx or he got better.He had similar sx as you so it was interesting reading his posts.

I read a bunch of other things and here's what I found so far:

try using saline nose spray(no medicine in it)to see if that helps...give it at least a week to get results

could be coming from the neck(several people were dx with neck problems,loss of natural curve in neck was mentioned)

anti-depressants can cause this(I heard of that before...actually seen a special on TV about it...years ago...)

you can try sudafed to see if that helps

could be related to the back also

well my friend I guess there are a ton of possibilities why you have consistent head pressure

as far as antibiotics go,that is a personal choice for you and if you'd rather not take them for whatever reason that's your choice,but you are right about the side effects...if you knew you'd get better with them I'm sure you' take them,but I can see you're not a fan of antibiotics(that makes two of us).


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