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hi Bill:wave:

Okay here are my current symptoms:

sensory disturbance(for example:a tv show has people talking and suddenly they start singing loud or stop talking or the traffic outside slows down(we live next to a main road)this is hard for me to adjust to.

glossitis(almost everyday,but somedays it gets better)

muscle weaknes

uncoordinated(feel this when I wash my hands;like it's coming from somewhere in my back)...sometimes I can't tell what position my arms,legs are in?that is a "strange" one for sure

sweating(at night)


tinnitus(right ear...somedays worse than others)

weight loss(I'm working on gaining weight...I was 99 lbs...think I'm 102 now)

heart feels like it skips a few beats and I lose my breath for a few seconds(this happens if I bend forward from the waist;especially after eatting..also happens if I'm holding a book too tightly while I'm reading or grasping anything tightly or putting pressure on my arms;like while sitting at the computer if I rest my elbow on the desk or put too much pressure with my hand on the mouse....seems mostly any pressure applied with my arms/hands triggers it:(

spine pain(dull sometimes,burning other times)

blue "bruise"inside my left shoulder...been there for a few months I think

unsteady walk

had off & on constipation,but I fixed that by eatting dry raisin bran(not the raisins though)...I eat about a cup in the morning then snack on it a few times during the day...also found it helps to eat some after a bigger I am "regular" everyday and that is a really good feeling;)

bloating and gas(this has gotten better,but not completely...I'm watching what I eat...and it is not easy....I think I get "trapped gas",because it feels very stiff under my right ribs and after I have the gas it feels less stiff..or I was thinking maybe I have IBD(inflammatory bowel disease...and or IBS)

sinus problems off/on

urinary urge incontinence

heat/cold intolerance


acid reflux(?)certain foods/juice will make my throat spasm,then my heart acts up like it's struggling to beat...sometimes I can taste the acid and then again sometimes it feels like it just sits there in my esophagus

well I think that's about it...

I also wanted to say, with some outrage, that this unknown condition continues to ruin any ability I have to concentrate. I just can't perform any semi-complex mental task for longer than 5 minutes without losing focus, that is if I can even start at all. My short term memory is becoming less and less competent. The head pressure is no doubt a large part of the culprit.

I don't know what I can do to increase focus anymore. Caffeine used to help but no longer, the more I take the worse my fatigue gets, in the long run. Omega 3 fish oil has helped in the past, but now I've linked it to these strange visual episodes I get in the morning. It is a [B]definite [/B]link... I've started and stopped Omega 3 fish oil about 6 times now. Every time I quit, the episodes decrease in number. If I go back on the fish oil, sometimes I get these "waking auras" every other day if not every day.

I know, I'm just complaining, and yes I know some people have it so much worse. But it really sucks to lose your ability to concentrate, all because of some problem that's too vague to be diagnosed.

If anyone can think of any supplements that could boost focus, lemme know. Exercise can help but like I said before, nothing really works reliably, so long as I have the head pressure constantly.

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