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I'm interested in what you've found cocerning B12...just send me a mesage or post on here....and hey did you ever have an EEG(brain waves test)...when I was 19yrs. old I fell off a swing and hit my head really forcefully on some very huge tree roots.It made my brain waves go too fast...I had constant pressure/tinnitus and would feel like I was inside a fast falling was awful...the whites of my eyes were totally blue and I felt the dr. pur me on Dilantin & Valium to correct the fast brain worked & 3 months later my brain waves were normal,but the tinnitus never let up completely and the dr. said I'd probably always have tinnitus from that injury.

There is strong evidence that you can't fix low B12 or B12 deficiency with shots once or twice a month, particularly if you are getting cyanocobalamin. The long explanation would be hard for me to write here, with all my brain fog. But essentially, once the B12 system is broken, it is not easily fixed, and generally the only way to heal is to "override" with active B12s. ActiveB12s being methycobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is factually inactive, it has to be converted in the body and not everyone makes that conversion easily.

I have never had an EEG but would like to get one. I've been getting frequent episodes of waking up with abnormal vision (lasts a couple minutes), over the last few months. This is typically accompanied by terrible head pressure (but not pain!) upon waking, so the two might be linked. My head pressure has gotten noticeable worse in the last year, so that it affects my sleep much more than it used to. And with that came the abnormal vision episodes.

Well I'm thinking the head pressure has something to do with the brain,because when I get it I feel really "funny" in my you have a headache with the head pressure consistently or sometimes,but not related to the head pressure?I get headaches,but they are not with the head pressure.

I do sometimes have typical (but mild) headaches along with the head pressure, but not often. I would not be able to tell you if they are related--how could I know that? One thing I can say for sure is that I do not get classic "excruciating" migraine attacks, so therefore I have to wonder if head pressure even belongs to the migraine family.

I've had near-constant left-ear tinnitus for about 1.5-2 years now.

Six years along with this awful nuisance, no answers, I'm beginning to wonder if I should give up hope of ever finding relief. True, it could be a lot worse, but I can't deny that the head pressure + 15 or so other symptoms causes a lot of problems for me.
thanks Bill...your post made me feel better...that's what friends are for.

about migraines...there's the excrutiating,painful kind,but there is also the kind that has "no pain at all";this is called a "silent migraine".Those few months I had that "derealization"....feeling was probably a "silent migraine"(I read about that on the boards here) and it makes a whole lotta sense to me...and then afterward I had the two week long headache and the derealization feeling was gone.

A while back when I was having visual disturbances the ds. said they were occular migraines,but there was no pain at all...just the vision that time I had a slightly abnorml EEG and that is common with migraines.Diet played a significant role in that also...I had to stay on a migraine diet(no MSG,nitrates,yeast(regular bread was okay),fish,beans,nuts,whole milk & cheeses,chocolate,citrus fruits,peas,green beans,caffeine).Some people are very sensitive to all of those foods and some to only a few.For me I had to stay away from the nitrates(deli lunch meats,hot dogs) and cakes & cookies made with yeast...they always triggered an attack.

I once had a severe sinus infection(no pain),but I had extreme head pressure(I had to sleep sitting up...laying down made it unbearable)...the dr. put me on Biaxin and in 24 hrs. the pressure was gone.She said I had sinusitus.I'm sure you've explored all about sinus/head pressure already????

Neurologists don't seem to know anything about the head pressure so I think an endocrinologist or an ENT dr. would be better at finding a dx for head pressure...neuro's just look for their specialty(MS,Parkinson's,etc.)

I'm waiting on the copies of my blood tests...I shoud get them today/tomorrow...I can't wait to look at them...that sounds funny,but I want to compare them to my other labs from August last year...see if anything changed.

Well right now I'm not doing a thing about the B12...since it was 605 I'm not concerned...I don't seem to have any low B12 sx right now...I just don't care for the way all my drs.have made mistakes at the expense of my health.

So did you ever notice if certain foods trigger any of your sx,Bill?I'd start keeping a log of what you eat/drink and see if anything points to that....did you stop or cut down on the Vitamin D yet?

Well I haven't seen any new activity as far as the waiting room is concerned.It will be beneficial once more people are there.

Well tinnitus is another thing we have in common..mine is in my right ear though...I noticed when it's really bad my legs ache(shins) and my hearing is very sensitive to every little noise.

Wonder if your head pressure is a constant, silent migraine...I'll see what I can find on that...

...yeah a specialist would cost more I agree.

yesterday I spent hours researching consistent head pressure....I found a few things that possibly might help you....

there was this 44 yr. old man who was in the army...his head pressure started not long after he went overseas.He had an eye exam,CT scans,allergy testing,head x-rays and they couldn't find out what his problem was.Even after he was through in the army and went home the drs. couldn't figure out what was causing it.

He said that he had a heavy/tight feeling from his eye brows,temples to the back of his head.He would wake up with it everyday and it only let up when he was outside exercising.He was sensitive to bright light,had tinnitus,was lightheaded also.

One dr. said it might be a "left-over" inner ear viral infection or a mild,chronic tension headache or a eustachian tube problem(ears).He had about 6 posts I think on there,

but he never posted back to let anyone know if he finally was dx or he got better.He had similar sx as you so it was interesting reading his posts.

I read a bunch of other things and here's what I found so far:

try using saline nose spray(no medicine in it)to see if that helps...give it at least a week to get results

could be coming from the neck(several people were dx with neck problems,loss of natural curve in neck was mentioned)

anti-depressants can cause this(I heard of that before...actually seen a special on TV about it...years ago...)

you can try sudafed to see if that helps

could be related to the back also

well my friend I guess there are a ton of possibilities why you have consistent head pressure

as far as antibiotics go,that is a personal choice for you and if you'd rather not take them for whatever reason that's your choice,but you are right about the side effects...if you knew you'd get better with them I'm sure you' take them,but I can see you're not a fan of antibiotics(that makes two of us).

[QUOTE=scout316;4225230]not sure how many times a day for the nasal spray,but I think it will tell you on the's just water with salt in it I'm almost positive.

okay so when the head pressure started was it after you moved to a new residence?think back and try to think of any changes that occurred at the time your head pressure started,okay?this is important...did you say you felt better when you were outside also?exercising helped you I correct on that?[/QUOTE]

Dear scout,

No, I haven't moved to a new residence. Even though I have admitted it before, it's with some shame to admit I first got the pressure when I was using addictive drugs. It started very mildly one night, so I just shrugged it off as something that would go away, and continued with my drug of choice. You kinda throw caution to the wind in such a poor mental state as I was in. But first off, it did not go away, and secondly, continued abuse made the head pressure a heck of a lot worse.

If you want to look at the sinus angle here, well this is the kind of drug that has side effects on the sinuses. Stimulants such as I used affect sinus pathways much the same way as Sudafed, except with much greater potency. I also got very ill during that period with several terrible colds and a flu-like syndrome at one point, so there were some very clear adverse effects going on with the paranasal network.

I've also had terrible IBS-like symptoms just as long as I've had the head pressure. The IBS and the pressure may have started around the same time. Other than that, new symptoms such as constant left-ear tinnitus, reduced skin sensation, odd gait, constant dry eyes, difficulty moving eye muscles, and so forth (there is more)... these have accumulated [B]gradually [/B]through the years.

I still believe that whatever is the cause of the pressure, is probably the cause of most (but probably not all) of my symptoms. Whenever my pressure is at its worst, the other symptoms become worse, too.

Just being outside does nothing for the pressure. However rigorous exercise (sports, running) can make it seem like it's gone for an hour or two afterwards--but once that "grace period" is over, damn that pressure comes back SO much worse than it was before exercise, it's practically pulsating in my head. It seems that light exercise is the most helpful--while I don't have the grace period like I do with strenuous exercise, the pressure doesn't get worse, either. I seem to get mild relief for several hours from light exercise.

Another thing that helps: For some reason, the process of eating, and an hour after eating, the pressure isn't as bad.
hi Bill:wave:

Okay here are my current symptoms:

sensory disturbance(for example:a tv show has people talking and suddenly they start singing loud or stop talking or the traffic outside slows down(we live next to a main road)this is hard for me to adjust to.

glossitis(almost everyday,but somedays it gets better)

muscle weaknes

uncoordinated(feel this when I wash my hands;like it's coming from somewhere in my back)...sometimes I can't tell what position my arms,legs are in?that is a "strange" one for sure

sweating(at night)


tinnitus(right ear...somedays worse than others)

weight loss(I'm working on gaining weight...I was 99 lbs...think I'm 102 now)

heart feels like it skips a few beats and I lose my breath for a few seconds(this happens if I bend forward from the waist;especially after eatting..also happens if I'm holding a book too tightly while I'm reading or grasping anything tightly or putting pressure on my arms;like while sitting at the computer if I rest my elbow on the desk or put too much pressure with my hand on the mouse....seems mostly any pressure applied with my arms/hands triggers it:(

spine pain(dull sometimes,burning other times)

blue "bruise"inside my left shoulder...been there for a few months I think

unsteady walk

had off & on constipation,but I fixed that by eatting dry raisin bran(not the raisins though)...I eat about a cup in the morning then snack on it a few times during the day...also found it helps to eat some after a bigger I am "regular" everyday and that is a really good feeling;)

bloating and gas(this has gotten better,but not completely...I'm watching what I eat...and it is not easy....I think I get "trapped gas",because it feels very stiff under my right ribs and after I have the gas it feels less stiff..or I was thinking maybe I have IBD(inflammatory bowel disease...and or IBS)

sinus problems off/on

urinary urge incontinence

heat/cold intolerance


acid reflux(?)certain foods/juice will make my throat spasm,then my heart acts up like it's struggling to beat...sometimes I can taste the acid and then again sometimes it feels like it just sits there in my esophagus

well I think that's about it...

thanks again for your response.

it's true when the threads get long here, they often get closed down. i'll start a new thread pretty soon.

so from previous correspondence, i take it you have been a nurse before? i think you mentioned this once. anyhow, your relatively vast knowledge of health-related topics must come from somewhere.

i've used raisin bran and other bran cereals before, but most of them have too much sugar. too much sugar can cause fatigue for me. but the thing that helps the most these days for my chronic constipation is ground flaxseed. even breakfast cereals that contain flaxseed help, although the best is really the flax you buy separately and can add to food/drink/whatever.

i gave that saline spray a shot the other night. however, unlike Afrin (medicated spray) there was no drainage or clearance. I did notice a couple semi-unusual things, though. there was some popping/crackling in my right ear and later on it seemed like the head pressure had moved to that area above the nose, between the eyebrows. but that was all i noticed, i don't know if that means anything, or not. the pressure was still killing me when i was lying down to sleep, just like usual.

i'll continue using the saline spray for a week. i guess the idea is that moisturizing blocked up sinuses is a gradual process, eh?

Bill Z
Hi Scout,

I understand what you mean about the pressure in your head. Mine never goes away. I am getting use to it. At first when it got bad I felt like I was watching the tele rather than living my life. I felt so remote from everything. I am being treated for a mastoid infection. I am on the sixth course of antibiotics. The MRI found fluid when I had it done in January. I have been going to doctors since last August and not been able to work since last October. I have alot of head pain around the mastoid however nobody thinks its very important. I am with Bill. This weird pressure never goes away. My right ear is still oozing and is smelly. I think I will try to see an immunologist to see if I am having the right treatment. Hopefully they may have seen someone like me.


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