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good to hear from you has been a long time since we came across each other here.

so you still have the head pressure going you have any idea what your blood pressure is?just so you know I came across a really long thread on the anxiety board where there was this guy(young about your age)and he had the head pressure going on.I thought about you when I read all the posts on that.He ended up having h pylori...he took the full course of antibiotics for it and he still feels like he has the anxiety thing going on.I think the thread was called>intestinal or anxiety>I'll look it up again and let you know the correct name.....I think you might benefit a lot from that thread.I want to check it out anyways to see if he updated it lately.

Well I'm doig a bit better...I saw a new dr. today...she was pretty good,but I lost 5 more pounds so now I'm down to 99 pounds...I am upset about that.I had a lot of blood workup done at the hospital arm is bruised just from that.My blood pressure is still low( number)...I went 6 months without a B12 shot and I'm a mess now...I did get a B12 shot in January,but I'm going to wait to see what mylevel is before I bet another B12....I am so tired of feeling like this...I also have been feeling some stress and I know the dr. could sense you ever wonder if you'll ever get well and feel normal again?I do...almost all of the time.It really is not fun having a pity party for yourself 7 days a week....I want to get well and I'm sure you do to.

I hate tests and all medical stuff...I'd rather just stay in my bed then have all those tests,but what can I do..if I don't have tests done I will never know what is going on with my health.

Hey if that zinc gives you anxiety then don't mess with you still take the methyl B12?Did you feel any relief from stress when you took the B12?Also I was thinking that maybe you have sinus problems...that could be the cause of your head pressure...I think it's mine too.I have bad sinuses...remember that "brain fog" I had that started in August last lasted like 3 months..then I had a bad headache for 2 weeks straight and the brain fog lifted....that was amazing...and I was so thankful to feel like myself again.

I know a lot of my problems are from hormone fluctuations and men can have problems with their hormones also.My brother was very low in testosterone and the dr. said when it's that low you can't function right....he was surprised my brother could even walk...that's strange,isn't it?

Anyways sorry I took so long to get back to you...hope you are doing okay.

"see ya" soon

I'm interested in what you've found cocerning B12...just send me a mesage or post on here....and hey did you ever have an EEG(brain waves test)...when I was 19yrs. old I fell off a swing and hit my head really forcefully on some very huge tree roots.It made my brain waves go too fast...I had constant pressure/tinnitus and would feel like I was inside a fast falling was awful...the whites of my eyes were totally blue and I felt the dr. pur me on Dilantin & Valium to correct the fast brain worked & 3 months later my brain waves were normal,but the tinnitus never let up completely and the dr. said I'd probably always have tinnitus from that injury.

There is strong evidence that you can't fix low B12 or B12 deficiency with shots once or twice a month, particularly if you are getting cyanocobalamin. The long explanation would be hard for me to write here, with all my brain fog. But essentially, once the B12 system is broken, it is not easily fixed, and generally the only way to heal is to "override" with active B12s. ActiveB12s being methycobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is factually inactive, it has to be converted in the body and not everyone makes that conversion easily.

I have never had an EEG but would like to get one. I've been getting frequent episodes of waking up with abnormal vision (lasts a couple minutes), over the last few months. This is typically accompanied by terrible head pressure (but not pain!) upon waking, so the two might be linked. My head pressure has gotten noticeable worse in the last year, so that it affects my sleep much more than it used to. And with that came the abnormal vision episodes.

Well I'm thinking the head pressure has something to do with the brain,because when I get it I feel really "funny" in my you have a headache with the head pressure consistently or sometimes,but not related to the head pressure?I get headaches,but they are not with the head pressure.

I do sometimes have typical (but mild) headaches along with the head pressure, but not often. I would not be able to tell you if they are related--how could I know that? One thing I can say for sure is that I do not get classic "excruciating" migraine attacks, so therefore I have to wonder if head pressure even belongs to the migraine family.

I've had near-constant left-ear tinnitus for about 1.5-2 years now.

Six years along with this awful nuisance, no answers, I'm beginning to wonder if I should give up hope of ever finding relief. True, it could be a lot worse, but I can't deny that the head pressure + 15 or so other symptoms causes a lot of problems for me.
Dear scout,

I've heard about caffeine helping some people with head pressure before, elsewhere on the Net. There was a group of people who suspected CSF leaks (or had that diagnosed) who had constant head pressure. But two things made them different from me: their pressure was greatly relieved lying down, and caffeine helped most if not all of them.

In my case, caffeine makes mine a little worse. Lying down is where it feels the worst, too. Excedrin I think contains an NSAID besides caffeine, and I had a major reaction to Advil before, so I can't use that product out of caution.

That bit of information, that it's tough to tell PTC and MS apart, that's scary. I've asked my psychiatrist about MS before, because I had months long anxiety problems from someone online suggesting I had it. He said you should look for sudden loss of muscle control. Thankfully, I haven't had that so far as I know.

Whatever happened to the sinus theory? I have been hoping this pressure is from my sinuses, rather than from some real pathology like the other conditions.

I apologize if I sound a bit snappy lately. This whole thing is really getting the better of me. I can barely sleep at night anymore because of the damn discomfort it causes, and the brain fog is absolutely horrible. I can't even begin to read a book anymore, quite literally.

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