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hi Bill:wave:

Okay here are my current symptoms:

sensory disturbance(for example:a tv show has people talking and suddenly they start singing loud or stop talking or the traffic outside slows down(we live next to a main road)this is hard for me to adjust to.

glossitis(almost everyday,but somedays it gets better)

muscle weaknes

uncoordinated(feel this when I wash my hands;like it's coming from somewhere in my back)...sometimes I can't tell what position my arms,legs are in?that is a "strange" one for sure

sweating(at night)


tinnitus(right ear...somedays worse than others)

weight loss(I'm working on gaining weight...I was 99 lbs...think I'm 102 now)

heart feels like it skips a few beats and I lose my breath for a few seconds(this happens if I bend forward from the waist;especially after eatting..also happens if I'm holding a book too tightly while I'm reading or grasping anything tightly or putting pressure on my arms;like while sitting at the computer if I rest my elbow on the desk or put too much pressure with my hand on the mouse....seems mostly any pressure applied with my arms/hands triggers it:(

spine pain(dull sometimes,burning other times)

blue "bruise"inside my left shoulder...been there for a few months I think

unsteady walk

had off & on constipation,but I fixed that by eatting dry raisin bran(not the raisins though)...I eat about a cup in the morning then snack on it a few times during the day...also found it helps to eat some after a bigger I am "regular" everyday and that is a really good feeling;)

bloating and gas(this has gotten better,but not completely...I'm watching what I eat...and it is not easy....I think I get "trapped gas",because it feels very stiff under my right ribs and after I have the gas it feels less stiff..or I was thinking maybe I have IBD(inflammatory bowel disease...and or IBS)

sinus problems off/on

urinary urge incontinence

heat/cold intolerance


acid reflux(?)certain foods/juice will make my throat spasm,then my heart acts up like it's struggling to beat...sometimes I can taste the acid and then again sometimes it feels like it just sits there in my esophagus

well I think that's about it...


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