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thanks Bill...your post made me feel better...that's what friends are for.

about migraines...there's the excrutiating,painful kind,but there is also the kind that has "no pain at all";this is called a "silent migraine".Those few months I had that "derealization"....feeling was probably a "silent migraine"(I read about that on the boards here) and it makes a whole lotta sense to me...and then afterward I had the two week long headache and the derealization feeling was gone.

A while back when I was having visual disturbances the ds. said they were occular migraines,but there was no pain at all...just the vision that time I had a slightly abnorml EEG and that is common with migraines.Diet played a significant role in that also...I had to stay on a migraine diet(no MSG,nitrates,yeast(regular bread was okay),fish,beans,nuts,whole milk & cheeses,chocolate,citrus fruits,peas,green beans,caffeine).Some people are very sensitive to all of those foods and some to only a few.For me I had to stay away from the nitrates(deli lunch meats,hot dogs) and cakes & cookies made with yeast...they always triggered an attack.

I once had a severe sinus infection(no pain),but I had extreme head pressure(I had to sleep sitting up...laying down made it unbearable)...the dr. put me on Biaxin and in 24 hrs. the pressure was gone.She said I had sinusitus.I'm sure you've explored all about sinus/head pressure already????

Neurologists don't seem to know anything about the head pressure so I think an endocrinologist or an ENT dr. would be better at finding a dx for head pressure...neuro's just look for their specialty(MS,Parkinson's,etc.)

I'm waiting on the copies of my blood tests...I shoud get them today/tomorrow...I can't wait to look at them...that sounds funny,but I want to compare them to my other labs from August last year...see if anything changed.

Well right now I'm not doing a thing about the B12...since it was 605 I'm not concerned...I don't seem to have any low B12 sx right now...I just don't care for the way all my drs.have made mistakes at the expense of my health.

So did you ever notice if certain foods trigger any of your sx,Bill?I'd start keeping a log of what you eat/drink and see if anything points to that....did you stop or cut down on the Vitamin D yet?

Well I haven't seen any new activity as far as the waiting room is concerned.It will be beneficial once more people are there.

Well tinnitus is another thing we have in common..mine is in my right ear though...I noticed when it's really bad my legs ache(shins) and my hearing is very sensitive to every little noise.

Wonder if your head pressure is a constant, silent migraine...I'll see what I can find on that...

hey Bill

I came across some very interesting information it is:

First of all do you notice any relief(from head pressure)when you drink coffee? (from the soda's would be included also).Caffeine has strong vaso-constrictive effects,reduces blood volume in the skull which in turn relieves pressure & headaches.I think there is Excedrin that has caffeine as one of the ingredients in it.Have you ever tried that?

Next:this is quite interesting......there are some types of head pressure that have a name for them...I could hardly believe it when I read about it.The first one is called:ICP(intracranial pressure)which sounds exactly what you are experiencing>constant head pressure<.The other one is PTC(pseudotumor cerebri)which is also elevated intracranial's actually fluid and not a tumor.

There is a way they can relieve the pressure......they can use prescription diuretics to reduce the amount of CSF(cerebral spinal fluid)produced by the body thereby reducing intracranial pressure.I think that is awesome....

Also it stated that it is very hard to differentiate between "MS" and PTC.

If you do have ICP or PTC it is treatable...but the way they dx it is with MRI and or spinal tap....I'd go with the MRI,because spinal taps(lumbar punctures)are not recommemded for anyone who has chiari(as I do).I wonder if a CT scan would show it also?

To think that you could get relief from certain diuretics is really amazing....

Dear scout,

I've heard about caffeine helping some people with head pressure before, elsewhere on the Net. There was a group of people who suspected CSF leaks (or had that diagnosed) who had constant head pressure. But two things made them different from me: their pressure was greatly relieved lying down, and caffeine helped most if not all of them.

In my case, caffeine makes mine a little worse. Lying down is where it feels the worst, too. Excedrin I think contains an NSAID besides caffeine, and I had a major reaction to Advil before, so I can't use that product out of caution.

That bit of information, that it's tough to tell PTC and MS apart, that's scary. I've asked my psychiatrist about MS before, because I had months long anxiety problems from someone online suggesting I had it. He said you should look for sudden loss of muscle control. Thankfully, I haven't had that so far as I know.

Whatever happened to the sinus theory? I have been hoping this pressure is from my sinuses, rather than from some real pathology like the other conditions.

I apologize if I sound a bit snappy lately. This whole thing is really getting the better of me. I can barely sleep at night anymore because of the damn discomfort it causes, and the brain fog is absolutely horrible. I can't even begin to read a book anymore, quite literally.

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