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Hi There,

For about a year and a half i have been trying to find the root cause of my problems. To keep it short i have a constant pressure feeling at the base of my skull, pressure gets so bad that it causes me to feel "stunned" almost like shockwaves in my head as the pressure radiates through my head. Also can feel pressure on bridge of nose sometimes but not too much now seeing as I have rid myself of my anxiety - So it seems like it is the same cause that triggers mysofacial pressure. This also affects my balance somewhat as i feel unsteady due to this feeling of pressure/pulling in my suboccipital region. Symptoms are more present when i sit still. Also a strange sensation when i rotate my head left to right almost like i can feel deep muscles in my neck/behined eye pulling against one another, really odd! I do believe that it is a muscle/nervous system thing as i have a tremor throughout body (small however noticable) and when i tilt my head back i can feel that tremor in my neck so something is causing a certain muscle deep inside neck to be constantly tight.

I wont bore you with what tests I have done but i have had alot and all came back OK - this also fits the theory that if i am right and it is muscle related then correct it wouldnt show up on any of the tests i have had done. Only one i haven't had is EEG which i will push for when i next see my neuro. I have been researching botox injections for things like this - so will also bring this up.

People, this is not anxiety, if people tell you it is, turn a deaf ear. I remember before all this started that i use to stress out about eveything and anything, anxiety was way more apart of me then and why didnt i get these symptoms? Also have had anxiety ruled out by neurologist using biofeedback program. I have also been cleared by an ENT, this is not ear related in my case.

Does anyone else have anything similiar?

Thanks all!

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