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Thanks for the reply. I made this list overviewing my trouble to bring with me on my next doctors visit. I'm trying to decide if I need to see an ENT or a Neurologist. Any help is appreciated.

Original problem (ocurring at nighttime, from October 2006)
-off and on
-effects me more in the winter time
-trouble breathing
-tight feeling in throat
-waking up gasping for air
-dry throat
-wet, itchy ears in the morning ocasionally

Current problem (from Feburary 2010)
-daily trouble
-worst from 3pm-7pm and temperature/weather changes worsen it
-slight head/face pressure
-slight disoriented feeling, spaced out
-heavy feeling head
-trouble concentrating and doing normal tasks

Possibly related info
-neck pain
-middle back pain
-diminished sense of smell
-was living in a high elevation area from December to March
-was on a long flight and had no trouble (March 1st)


-blood test for thyroid/blood sugar trouble. all came back normal
-allergy medication (allegra, claratin, xyzal). no help
-eye exam (slightly bad eyesight not requiring glasses). doctor said it was not related.

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