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brain fog, blurred vision, and occasional ringing in the ears

Most of my symptoms are listed in the topic title. The worst is the vertigo that is getting more and more frequent. It feels like the floor is moving whenever I walk. Sort of like things are tilting over or the floor is going to fall out from under me/ I went to the ER twice for this in the past two months. (including last night.) Last night the doctor ordered a CT scan without contrast and she looked at me like I was nuts when I told her I was afraid I had a brain tumor.... I know that CT scans aren't as good as MRIs. Could it have missed something? I would think that a large tumor would be picked up on a CT scan. The neurological exam checked out as well.

I haven't fallen down yet but it's still very unpleasant and I HATE getting up now. This whole "the floor is moving" thing is really freaking me out.

I'll add that this kind of dizziness/memory loss started over a year or so ago so if it is a brain tumor it must be an extremely slow grower.

What else could cause these symptoms?

Could be Vitamin B12 deficiency....very simple blood test...if you're at the low normal end range then ask your dr. to do a homocysteine test which will show if you have a B12 deficiency at the tissue level.Vertigo is a common symptom of low B12,so is tinnitus(ringing in ears),vision problems,brain fog,dizziness and memory loss or confusion.

I have been through low B12 and been treated for it.Best to you~


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