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Hi Willowpoint,

Just updating. I have seen two helpful doctor this week. The rheumatologist has done the tests for all the autoimmune diseases. See what comes of that in 3 weeks. The second, an ENT, I talked to about the head pressure and the throbbing behind my right ear.He talked to me like a real person which has been rare. He tested the pressure of my ears the right being abnormal. He has given me 6 weeks of antibiotics. I see they can be used for lyme disease.I am happy to take anything at the moment that will help. The doctor said we don't know everything. Sometimes things have surprising results. He has suggested i could have a grommit in my ear to try to improve the pressure. I am not so sure. Will see how the antibiotics go. He has also referred me to a good neurologist. They are going to ring with an appointment. Certainly a good week after 11 months of no progress.

Hope you are continuing to make a good improvement.


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