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Well I had 2 brain scans, the 1st one showed a lesion on the right side of my brain and by the 2nd scan that lesion had "almost completely resolved" but there were 2 more similar lesions .. apparently most likely being inflamation.

I have been booked in for an MRI of the spine, a lumbar puncture and an evoked potential .. I also had blood tests done too of which i am still waiting for the results.

my symptoms are becoming increasingly difficult to live with and to function, I have tense feelings especially around my back and shoulders but also in my arms and legs (basically everywhere lol), I have alot of confusion and have also gone through periods of personality changes.

my question is does anybody know what might be wrong with me as i have no idea what to expect really.

I take it from the fact they are testing my nervous system that something might be wrong there causing the inflamation on the brain

any idea's??
well I guess I'll have to come back when ive had more tests ...

anyway, what I keep wondering is, if ive had this problem for years (inflamation of the brain) would it damage my cognitive abilities and say problem solving skills .. stuff like that? I guess that may be a silly question lol .. its just ive got so many questions i want to ask but have to wait another 3 weeks for my appointment!!

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