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Hi Benit,

Thanks for your reply. I know we have lots of similarities. I also have the high albumin. In my last blood test the only other unusual thing was low calcium (corr).

I always have a degree of head pressure. I used to call it an unwell feeling but now I recognise it as that. I do not have much pain. In fact that is not working well anywhere. When the osteopath says where you sore I say I don't do sore. I suppose I am lucky in that respect. Today I had some corns taken off my feet. The podiatrist said are they very sore. I said not at all. She said they are usually very painful. I could feel them when I walked but it wasn't painful, maybe a little uncomfortable. I am more throbbing and tingling. It is not prickly like pins and needles but sort of like that. The tingling is often at the moment and can go all over.

I know that some of the throbbing in my head is a mastoid infection. I have had two scans showing fluid in the mastoid air cells. I have had 8 courses of antibiotics for that and many of my symptoms improved including the throbbing, but now I am off the antibiotics afew things have got worse. I am so over it all I don't want to go back to the doctor while I can still get by.The antibiotics were making me nauseous. I do have am appointment next week.

Light and sound makes things worse so I avoid them and use air plugs and a hat when I can't and sunnies sometimes. It changes so often that the sunnies I only use rarely as they can make my eyes ache.

It is worse lying down. I am rubbing my neck now as the the light from the computer is bothering me again. I sometimes get pain in my lower back. It used to be a pattern, head throb, neck pain, lower back pain. I think I must have some sort of infection that is larger than just in the mastoid cells, but have so much trouble getting anyone to believe it is not just anxiety I am not sure how to pursue it. I suppose if I get really sick again they might have to look further, or at least concede it is the infection making me sick.

Do you have any of the changed sensation? I notice particularly that my face is always numb like the dentist needle half worn off.

The osteopathic manipulation did help for a short time with the some of the head pressure. I have also had it when I thought my head would explode. At that stage my legs wouldn't work.

Hope this is some help,


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