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Hi Benit,

I have a problem with my eyes. They call it photophobia because I have problems with the light. I can at times see in the dark and at my worst would even ask the doctors to turn off the lights. It causes different reactions. Sometimes I get pain in my eyes. Sometimes my head starts throbbing. Sometimes I get like heartburn in the back of my throat. Sometimes I get pain in my lower back, and sometimes my stomach bloats and I get the chest pain. That may go into the breathing cramps where my chest tightens so much I can't breathe until it lets go. It can also cause me to sweat. I have lots of trouble using the computer for any length of time. I turn the brightness down to it lowest and it may or may not be okay. I went to an eye specialist who says there is nothing wrong with my eyes and really spent the time telling me not to worry. Sound causes problems also so the television is a nightmare. I have found if I limit light and sound I get by. I wear a hat outside. This morning we had a visitor and I went outside to chat to him. I realised the light was bothering me, but put up with it. Then I had to go shopping so I was wearing my winter coat and my sun hat and feeling pretty silly. It was easier to get away with in the summer.

It is interesting you talk about the bloating. I have a real problem with that. I am on this restricted diet and take the supplements I am told. I take drops every day meant for irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn and I still have both. My stomach bloats when things are happening, like now. My husband has turned on the television and it is too loud for me. Now I have the chest pain and I am having trouble with my breathing.
I will come back later,


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