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Hi benit and scout,

I am better tonight with the computer than I have been and scout you are worse. Sorry you have been feeling low. I thought you may have been because we haven't heard your cheery voice for a while. I have been concerned about you.

I think with the time difference our messages are crossed so I will start with the first question.

My osteopath does manipulation like a chiropractor, not very gentle at all. Lucky I don't do sore, but he usually works on my neck and shoulders and also my back. I am sometimes dizzy when i stand but I head feels somewhat lighter.I feel like I can stand straighter without my head pulling me down. It is not a major difference but quite a pleasant distraction, and he is good to chat to.

Scout what do the doctors say about your seizures, surely that should be followed up? How horrible for you.

I started off talking about the csf leaks. My ear has been oozing for many weeks. The doctor said it is caused by a blocked eustachian tube but I have all this salty stuff draining into my mouth. When I searched for salty taste I came up with the csf leak. I have considered this before but because I have so much trouble lying down I thought it can't be. The oozing ear can also be a csf leak so I asked an online doctor about it. The thing with the glucose is there is only glucose in csf and blood no other fluids so if it has glucose it must be csf. Then I read it is not entirely reliable. The strips seem expensive, I looked them up too. I will pursue this line but maybe not immediately. There are other things going on at the moment and the timing for me is not right.

I do not have chiari, Scout but I read the connection and was thinking about you. You realise I have seen all the doctors you need and got nowhere. What we need is a doctor that will seriously look at the whole person and try to work out what is happening. what is the point of the gastro saying what are you gastric symptoms? Nausea and I have lost weight. That is only a tenth of my probs.Then he passes me off to the psych because he can't find a prob. It is like the mechanic dealing with only one part of the car and ignoring the rest. i know your frustration. but the brain is the manager of the whole body and if something is wrong there it effects all of you.

I found about the oily sheen in the urine. They said it was quite normal, though I have never noticed it and even had a name for it, so no need to worry benit, but an interesting observation.

I was told to keep a diary of my symptoms. I think that is a good idea for everyone as when it is written down it is fact. I will have to go back to that.

Keep positive. I feel better times are coming,

Hi Benit
There is not really that much relief from the manipulations. Maybe my neck feels better. I was quite a bit better after the antibiotics for the mastoid infection. I have been off them two weeks and my head has gone backwards a lot. At night it thumps and it wasn't doing that for a while. It is like there is a jet engine in my head sometimes the noise, which I suppose is tinnitus, is so loud. Six months ago my ear just felt odd. I didn't have any extra noise at all, although my hearing was extra sensitive.

I have heard lots of people having success with chiropractors. My brother has relief from problem backs from one.My son has problems with his neck working on a computer all day and the chiropractor helps him a great deal to. It is good you have found one well recommended. I think osteopaths are slightly different in that they can recommend exercise as well. Here they both do the same amount of study. I think it is 4 or 5 years so they must know a fair bit. Physios also can be good. You just have to find a good one of whatever you choose.

I am going to get the doctor to refer me to another ear, nose and throat specialist and get myself sorted. I am thinking if I don't have the mastoid infection causing irritation I will loose all my silly symptoms, including the head pressure. I don't want to feel like this much longer either. When I sort me I may have some suggestions that will help you.

I'm sorry the pillows didn't help. It is not working that well for me at the moment but lying down is still worse. I just wait until I am quite tired and usually go to sleep quickly. I have been waking a bit but am able to stay in bed. At one stage I was up for hours in the night because bed was so uncomfortable.

I give the chiro a go. It might just be your magic fix.

Good luck

Hi Bill,

I was given the antibiotics for a mastoid infection. I kept complaining about the pain that was in my head on the right side behind my ear. On the MRI it showed fluid in the mastoid. Eventually they decided I should start on antibiotics to see if it helped, then my ear started oozing and smelling. The GP would look at my ear and say it is very red you had better have another course of antibiotics. I had four courses before they got the result of the ear swab which showed the best antibiotic to use, then 4 courses on that. The doctor said my ear looked better and stopped the antibiotics. The ENT specialists have said I would be deaf if I had a mastoid problem, but I have the opposite problem. So who knows what infection they treated but it worked.

I saw the GP today for the name of a infectious disease specialist. I asked how long should I wait to see them? He said it wasn't urgent as I had already been sick 8 or 9 months. I said it may not be urgent to you but it is to me. He just doesn't get it I think. When I rang for the appointment they asked was it urgent and I said it is to me. They gave me an appointment later this week. I can't believe my luck. Hope he is someone with an open mind and a lot of knowledge.

Maybe IBS is being misdiagnosed all over the place if you get your info from others experience. I have trouble with the muscles more when going to the toilet, both urinating and defecating, and have to go back several times sometimes before I have finished. This problem improved on the antibiotics also. Have you had antibiotics for anything since you have had the head pressure?

How about you test the pain sensation by sitting on your legs for a while and you should get pins and needles which normally are quite prickly and uncomfortable? It was suggested to me to try putting my hand in a bucket of ice. I may try that if I have the opportunity.I reckon it would be a good competition to have with my sons.

I am so uncomfortable in bed. I get this pain in my lower back and hip. I know it comes from my head throbbing. It happens in the day as well but more so at night, if there is a lot of noise like my husband snoring. Strange isn't it.Do you have that lower back pain?

When I see this doc I am going to stress the head pressure and see what the response is. Will keep you posted,

Hi Bill

I had no luck at the ENT either. Told him about the head pressure but had no ideas, then started talking about my nerves. I could not disguise the photophobia or hyperacusis as I was having a bad day. Had my wide brimmed hat on inside in the middle of winter and my ear plugs. Said there was nothing wrong with my ears and I don't need to use the ear drops that I was told I should use 3 times a day for 3 months and even then the bacteria would be hard to shift. So much for a specilst opinion. Which one do I believe?

I really am feeling lousy at the moment and have run out of ideas. Perhaps I should email the doctor at the university. See Bill I have access to whatever doctor I like but are still going around in circles. Perhaps I should have done more research before I made a move. try to learn from my situation. Today it rained and the noise really does me in. Using the computer is giving me an almighty head ache, Any ideas welcome,


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