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I've written many threads here and elsewhere dealing with the topic of constant head pressure. I have had constant head pressure (sides especially, often the back, but also sometimes the front above my eyes) for six years straight. I have had no testing beyond basic blood tests which found nothing. I cannot determine any likely cause. No insurance, no tests.

So there's been many posters offering up ideas through the years. Some ideas have been as serious as debilitating autoimmune conditions, malformations, and other unpleasant things. But to be honest I am done with such speculation, as it accomplishes nothing, for me at least. The point of this thread is twofold: to explore benign causes for the problem; secondly, to find anyone who has found relief from this symptom.

The next part of this post could be considered a "pity party" by some and therefore those who don't like complaining should not read it.

The essential problem for me is that this health problem has put my life on hold in several ways. Imagine this: [B]six years [/B]of having your life on hold, at 28. Having lifelong ADD and mild learning issues to begin with, now I have had to contend with a health issue that causes problems concentrating, maintaining focus, processing information, because of the intense brain fog. The pressure CAUSES my brain fog, here's how I know: anytime my pressure is reduced or even absent (typically only 15-30 minutes of such relief in any given day), my concentrative abilities come back.

I'm so sick of the complexity of this problem, and the inability to make any progress with it, at all. SO sick of it, I would tear down walls with my bare hands if such a thing could be socially admissible. I don't even enjoy doing anything anymore because of it.

Now all i get when I tell people this stuff is to deal with it, grow up, or that I just complain too much. But it was not my choice to have ADD, not my choice to have learning issues, not my choice to have this mystery health problem. Is it complaining, or just my reality. Is it a coward's way out to say "my life is on hold" due to some health problem no one can detect but me. We can also explore these issues here, if you like, but only in a respectful way.

So, to start things off, has anyone had head pressure and found relief?
Hi Benit,

I did have refief from the brain fog that goes with this pressure after I was on antibiotics for 8 courses. a few times I ws able to forget I was sick. and I felt the best I had in years. Now however I in a super fog because I have been off the antibiotics for a few weeks. I am waiting to hear from a doctor who promised to get me in to see an infections specialist a week ago.

Did you have the brain fog and head pressure before you went on your current medication? I take no meds so at least I can discount that.

Sorry I can't help any more than that. Did you try the chiro? It works really well for some people, maybe you are one.


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