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I havent read through this whole thread so I dont know if this has been mentioned yet, but have you been tested for lyme disease? I had sever pressure in my head for about 6 years as well, turns out one month ago I got tested for Lyme disease. Along with the Lyme I also tested postive for 4 coinfections and epstein barr virus. All of this from being bit by a tick in college and not treated properly. I am on my 3rd week of antibiotics and have notice a small improvement in head pressure, which seems like a miracle, along with my chronic fatigue. Its worth a shot to get tested, I tried finding a reason for these symptoms for years until i found a post about a lyme sufferer that had the same symptoms. again, if this has been mentioned already I apologize, but find yourself a LLMD, lyme literate doctor, and check it out

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