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Hi benit and scout,

I am better tonight with the computer than I have been and scout you are worse. Sorry you have been feeling low. I thought you may have been because we haven't heard your cheery voice for a while. I have been concerned about you.

I think with the time difference our messages are crossed so I will start with the first question.

My osteopath does manipulation like a chiropractor, not very gentle at all. Lucky I don't do sore, but he usually works on my neck and shoulders and also my back. I am sometimes dizzy when i stand but I head feels somewhat lighter.I feel like I can stand straighter without my head pulling me down. It is not a major difference but quite a pleasant distraction, and he is good to chat to.

Scout what do the doctors say about your seizures, surely that should be followed up? How horrible for you.

I started off talking about the csf leaks. My ear has been oozing for many weeks. The doctor said it is caused by a blocked eustachian tube but I have all this salty stuff draining into my mouth. When I searched for salty taste I came up with the csf leak. I have considered this before but because I have so much trouble lying down I thought it can't be. The oozing ear can also be a csf leak so I asked an online doctor about it. The thing with the glucose is there is only glucose in csf and blood no other fluids so if it has glucose it must be csf. Then I read it is not entirely reliable. The strips seem expensive, I looked them up too. I will pursue this line but maybe not immediately. There are other things going on at the moment and the timing for me is not right.

I do not have chiari, Scout but I read the connection and was thinking about you. You realise I have seen all the doctors you need and got nowhere. What we need is a doctor that will seriously look at the whole person and try to work out what is happening. what is the point of the gastro saying what are you gastric symptoms? Nausea and I have lost weight. That is only a tenth of my probs.Then he passes me off to the psych because he can't find a prob. It is like the mechanic dealing with only one part of the car and ignoring the rest. i know your frustration. but the brain is the manager of the whole body and if something is wrong there it effects all of you.

I found about the oily sheen in the urine. They said it was quite normal, though I have never noticed it and even had a name for it, so no need to worry benit, but an interesting observation.

I was told to keep a diary of my symptoms. I think that is a good idea for everyone as when it is written down it is fact. I will have to go back to that.

Keep positive. I feel better times are coming,


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