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HELP! I am having severe pain in the same place, left side cerebellum. Stress has been the fall guy for over a year now and the pain is EVERY day. Worse in the morning and middle of the night. Iíve tried Excetrin, Motrin 800, Ultracet, Darvcet, Percocet, hot packs and ice packs. Nothing helps. Iíve had a scan of my carotid artery, and blood tests for infection but no diagnoses. No doctor has suggested a brain scan or MRI. As a patient can I request an MRI? Could it be a cyst? At times there seems to be a knot or lump or swelling in the area, but maybe itís just my desperation getting the best of me. I canít live with this pain much longer. Anyone out there that has experienced anything similar?

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