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Head pressure
May 5, 2010
OK, I have to call it something. I am now 62, retired from plumbing. For years I have suffered with what I describe as "pressure in my head", or a "pulse". This isn't constantly bad, but is always present. Sometimes the "pulse" goes down to my stomach/chest area mostly on my left side. I was prescribed valium when I was about 19 and have been taking them (now diazepam) ever since, normally about 1 or 1 and a half 5 ml tablet daily.

I had a very bad episode at the beginning of February, to the extent I admitted myself to A&E, couldn't eat or sleep and wanted to kill myself I felt so bad. Was prescribed Sertraline which made me worse, then Citalopram which was nearly as bad. Now on Beta Blockers which don't do much apart from making my head feel as if it's about to burst but stop the "sensation" from going to my stomach.

Sometimes I feel as if i have to "lift my head up" to breathe, gulp for air, twitch and jerk, again on my left side. Sometimes it's worse, sometimes not so bad but it never goes away.

I also have a very dry mouth at night and often have a yellow tongue and nasal congestion, loads of phobias. I have given myself a year to find an answer as I can't go on much longer like this.

CAn anyone help?

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