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6/7/2010-I too have a constant floating, dizzy feeling that doesn't go away until i go to sleep. I have been taking low dose Xanax for the past 3 years and it doesn't really help.

it all started in late 2006 when i was driving home and suddenly felt like i was going to pass out and i even lost my vision--very strange. i went to the doctor and had full work up (CT scan, MRI, EKG, blood work) and everything was fine. Doctor said it was anxiety (seems to be a common diagnosis based on all of these postings) but i disagree. the symptoms are physical and constant, not triggered by any particular event, although sometimes worse when in crowded places, in a meeting and especially while driving. it is very frustrating because i feel like i have lost myself and my outgoing personality. i feel lightheaded when in meetings, driving or eating out. i have stopped socializing as much as i used to and people always ask me whats wrong. i play it off and say im just tired or blame it on allergies, which i don't have.

recently, i developed a pressure/pain feeling above my right eye, that has been ongoing for about 2 months now. gets worse when i watch tv or use computer. so, i went to the eye doctor and everything fine. i suppose just another symptom of whatever is causing all of this. It is severely affecting my social life, work life and my well-being to the point of concern.

i am completely out of ideas on what else to do or try. have been to all doctors and they all say nothing is wrong. it really sucks.

hopefully someone on here has a name for this or has found a cure. like everyone else, i always think brain tumor, cancer, etc. but apparently not according to all of the tests i have done.

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