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wow, now that sounds like quite the nightmare of stuff. while i do understand "some' of the stuff you mentioned up there, other stuff is a bit over my head? like the finding that keeps appearing on your brain scans? not too certain just what that is all about, sorry. but what I am wondering here is your disappearing horners syndrome? only becasue i have this too but mine has never ever left. this ONLY comes from one real possibility to even have or end up with and that just IS some level of affectation of your sympathetic nervous system, somewhere in your body. i do know that certain things that can impact areas across the chest can cause this and definitely anything that impacts that stellate ganglion in your neck that just runs along the windpipe up in that neck area then it runs down from there on the inside of the neck til it hits the c 8 junction, then pops out and runs like a 'chain" alongside the outside of that spinal column, going into and out of that spinal cord like a 'chain'? til it hits into the lumbar area at a certain level i cannot recall right now. have you ever actually looked up anything ON horners just to read the possible causes or where it just can be impacted at? somewhere within your body i would think you would STILL have to have SNS damage just to even HAVE the horners pop in at all(so your eye IS reactive to light now and NOT even constricted anymore?)? my horners was created(left eye) in the spinal cord during a surgery i had to have done to remove a glob of blood vessels from it. they accidently hit either that chain directly or they hit the outlet as it was popping out of the cord right where it starts the chain at that c 8 nerve level? that unfortunetly was where my glob was located, c 8 nerve level. i have just never heard of that actually popping in and going away in someone before. its usually a permanent thing? does your lower or upper eyelid still droop? i had had upper eyelid drooping pretty drmatically when it first popped in at 16 days post op, but in some insane way, over time that upper went away but my lower lid kind of is more "out" and kind of taken over that droop some now? very strange, but that pupil always remains non reactive to light.

considering your TIA actually happened in your actual brainstem vs another area in the brain somewhere. i would imagine that overall impact upon your body alone would just be a bit more impactful overall? its just that brainstem holds alot of really critical body system functions before they go down into that spinal cord area? just would seem rather logical?

one thing to really think about here tho is the reallity of just what that sympathetic nervous system really governs in us and that possible SNS damage you had to have had 'somewhere' here,that could really explain alot right there? the SNS also governs the dilation and constriction of our blood vessels too? i also have a vasomotor malfunction in my legs that they are thinking was from the SNS damage?

just try looking up the sympathetic nervous system once and read thru just what THAT actually governs in our bodies and see how some of your symptoms kind of compare to it? this could, or at least some of what you have going on in you may BE from SNS damage? its just that mere fact that you DID and possibly still do actually have that horners syndrome at all here that makes ME think that it could in some ways be related to that SNS being impacted at some particular point inside of your body, thats all. just see how your ongoing symptoms compare to that SNS and what it governs which just IS alot trust me and also look up what horners and read thru the info to just see where the possible SNS impact areas are when compared to where you have had issue going on in you? something DID impact that SNS or your horners just would NOT have ever occured, but it could have been somehow rectified or still really actually damaged too? your ongoing symptoms would really determine that part actually. thats why you just really need to look up the SNS to see areas where you may have or had real symptoms and what the impact can also create in you too?

my SNS damage has created a ton of problems in me that are just insane at time at how they have impacted my body along with the other spinal cord damage i suffered too? i AM a walking freak show now, lol. but that SNS really was the worst part overall.

you have mentioned the numerous MRIs they have done on you? have they actually ever MRIed your full on spine, from C down to L? some of what you describe could also be stemming from the spinal levels depending. this is also a huge area where the SNS is also rather vulnerable since that chain actually runs along the outside of the spinal column and not IN where it would just be better protected? just one possible if they have never actually done a full spinal MRI on you yet.

one other thing i just wanted to mention becasue of some of the symptoms you are having here with the balance and vision problems and just where those are actually governed mostly in the cerebellum in the brain which kind of sits more to the lower back of it, and also the spinocerebellar tract that runs within that spinal cord on UP to that cerebellum too? my cerebellar tract was actually also damaged with my otthert cord injuries and i have balance and gait and visual issues too from just THAT. the cerebellum just governs what is called our proprioperception? i cannot actually tell now just where my legs even are once i lie down in bed and simply close my eyes? unless i actually move them around in referrence to like the sheets or something i just like 'lose them' once the eyes shut. i lose that overall 'flow" when you just think about the total connection while lying there from the head to toe thing, things stop right before my legs, but i can use my legs okay. its just crazy really. but if you have anything actually somehow impacting the cerebellar functions that could explain alot of some symptoms too?

this is just all i can possibly think of that at least 'may' lead you to possibly find out just exactly what and where things were or are being impacted in certain ways to evern produce some of your symptoms? just try looking up some things i mentioned and see where that leads you. just what types of actual specialists have you been seeing so far?? that would also help to just know too? a good neuro opthamologist is something that would be a good specialist for you to just see for an eval/consult? these are very highly specialized docs who simply deal with ANY level of visual issues caused by any level of real brain damage/injury(your TIA just being in that brainstem is a biggie as a possible brain injury here) or from spinal cord injury/affectation. and you also have a finding in your brain too.(has THAT ever been explained to you as what it actually means/impacts?) i have not yet seen one but hope to here soon for MY visual crap.

hopefuly you can find out at least something new here with the info i mentioned? i only know so much about the brain but alot more about the spinal cord and the areas that can be damaged that just can very easily impact the brain tho and vice versa? since that whole brain down thru that cord just IS one huge type of relay system the processes all of our body system functions from the outter periphery to the cord on up to the brain and then back again. marcia

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