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as for the headache. the top right side is sore to the touch, and pulsates it is a constant pain. occasionally it covers the whole head. i get really tired and my head feels full and heavy. i am lightheaded and dizzy all of the time. nausea is a big one. have trouble concentrating, can't get my words out correctly. i lose my thoughts, short term memory loss. sometimes i get woke up by the pain in my head. when i had the lumbar puncture, they said that my level started at 20 then leveled out at 21. then upon removal of spinal fluid they left it at 15, because i got an instant (different) headache so they stopped. they had to keep me for 4 hours after so they could check on me. they want to make sure that things are ok. they are also testing my spinal fluid for protein and sugar. they want to make sure that i do not have ms. (multiple sclorosis). it is all very scary. i have had 5 mri's over the last year. i did have a TIA in April 2009. the doc though that i had migraines. said that i did not follow a certain pattern, will see the neuro doc on this wednesday.

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