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I'm currently under investigation for a currently "Undiagnosed Condition", i'm having alot of fluid draining from what feels like my right ear down the Eustachian tube into my throat with chronic headaches/dizziness along with alot of other fluctuating symptoms such as; pins & needles in arms, legs & face, shaking, blurry & double vision, balance problems and such.

I'm currently waiting on a few tests results back (including a CT scan), for the time being my Neurologist has prescribed "Sodium Valporate" but i forgot to bring up my medicine sensitivity i have with this condition, i was on two anti-migraine medicine before which made me a hell of alot worst.

I'm fairly certain based on my symptoms and history i have CSF or PLF leak but at the moment i'm more putting my money on the CSF leak theory, how ever I've done some looking into Sodium Valporate and noticed that it does effect CSF. So i'm currently very wary about trying this medicine out, since the last thing i want to do is take it on a whim and find i end up back in A&E again.

So just wondering if any one has any experience with CSF leaks and medicine that effects CSF?

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