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Hi, Your symptoms do not seem to be serious. One cause may be stress, this causes the muscles in our bodies, especially our necks, to tense up, this in turn causes the head to jerk, or spasm, when turning it slightly or holding it in once position, as it is pulling on that muscle. The tenser the muscles, the more symptoms a person can have, memory, concentration, numbness, tingling, headaches etc. Also, a relative having alzheimers does not mean you will get it. You are way too young to be worried about something like that and should be out enjoying and living your life to the fullest. I would suggest going to the doc and just getting whatever tests the doc orders to rule out something serious so you do not have to worry. Then come back here and we can help you more after other things are ruled out. It is well known that stress is a a major cause of illness and can cause a whole host of symptoms, we do not do it on purpose, it is our bodies way of dealing with it, since we hold it inside, it comes out in symptoms. This may be all it is, and if so, you can then move on and get help with dealing with that. Please come back if you need more help or have any more questions.

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