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[QUOTE=scared34;4270422]Maybe a few months ago I noticed a warm feeling in my feet when I was sexually aroused. Then maybe over a month ago I noticed some weird symptoms. I felt generally uncoordinated, kind of like I was slightly drunk, but I didn't actually do anything uncoordinated, although it felt like I had no control. I also felt like I had less control over my mouth and that it was slightly harder to talk properly, although no one noticed me pronouncing anything wrong (on one occasion I truly expected to not be able to talk properly at all because it felt so weird/numb).

Then a few weeks or so ago it got worse, I felt sick and my back felt sensitive and hurt a bit at times and at one point felt weird in certain places when I moved my hands in certain ways. I had weird feelings in my feet that got more sensitive to arousal, and went on and off randomly and at one point were there all the time. I also had these feelings in my hands.

The doctor said that it is probably a virus that has some unknown effects (my tongue and lymph nodes were swollen), and that it should go away, but if it didn't I needed to see a specialist. It seemed like was about to go because all the symptoms decreased dramatically but recently they have come back. I have also had a pins and needles feeling in my hands and feet, which I just barley had before but is quite noticeable now.

Currently I have this feeling in my head, which I did have before for a day or too. Its as if 'something' has creeped up into my brain from my spine, and it feels like something is 'blocked' or something. There is a slight pressure in my head and a tight feeling in my throat. It doesn't hurt but it does feel like something is wrong.

Its not really convenient for me to go to the doctor until in about a week, do you think I should forget about it until then, or see a doctor as soon as possible?[/QUOTE]
It sounds like you need to visit a neurologist to see what he has to say.. maybe pinched nerve coming from something?.. an MRI or CatScan will probably tell you whats going on inside. . as for "virus"?? i never heard of that except "shingles".. good luck JV

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