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Have the trigger points, or atleast the muscles in your neck and upper back checked. The twitching is a common thing I get when I am having back and neck problems. This usually also affects one arm. You do not have to have pain to have this problem. A neuro. or ortho. can check these areas, when pressed, this will bring on your symptoms, if it does, this is the cause. Physical therapy takes care of it. I am going to PT right now for this, and have had this problem a couple of other times in the past. It can come on after a person has done something different than normal, such as exercising, moving, a new job, lifting weights, and affects the muscles in your upper back, shoulder blades, shoulders, and neck, they knot up from the strain, causing twitching, lightheadedness, dizzy spells, numbness, memory and speech problems because they then press on the blood vessels going to the head, affecting the oxygen to your brain. If this is the cause and it is not treated, the symptoms usually get worse and more come on. Since you have been checked for everything else, I would suggest having these checked. Please read my original post titled " If you are dizzy and lightheaded, one thing docs miss." It caused a whole host of symptoms when I originaly had this problem, too many to name here. This is one source most docs do not even think to check. In fact, this last time, I had to complain about my symptoms, check my own muscles, and tell the doctor. She then told me that wouldn't cause my symptoms. I told her I had been through all these problems before, and had already gone to therapy in the past for this exact same thing, and that it did take care of my symptoms. She then put me on a muscle relaxer LOL. This did nothing, as I knew it would. Luckily I was seeing an ortho anyway, he checked these areas, and immediately sent me to PT.

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